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Kookaburra Portable Camping Toilet 20 Litre Model

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Product Description

Kookaburra 20 Litre Portable Camping Toilet

Pit loos are the pits. Straddling a hole is not much fun either, and regardless of your isolation it always feels less than private and certainly far from elegant. With the Kookaburra 20 Litre Portable Toilet you can head off into the wilderness know that an outdoor number two comes stress free and effortless. Depending on your constitution of course. More and more campers are heading off into the great outdoors with a portable toilet and the Kookaburra 20 Litre Portable Toilet is you perfect bathroom companion regardless of where you’re heading.

Waste contents can be easily disposed of in designated dump points across Australia. Check on line for your nearest before you head out. Where a dump point is not available simply bury the waste. Make sure of course that you familiarise yourself with the local standards for burying human waste.

There are many camping places now that actually require you to bring all waste out from camp spots. That is, camping toilets are necessary. That aside, they make good environmental common sense. If you have ever been to a camp site without facilities where the ground is used as a toilet, it could turn you off camping for life.

The elderly and those with disabilities or injuries will also appreciate the comfort of the Kookaburra 20 Litre Portable camping Toilet. As will the non-campers in your family who refuse to head to remote locations because they simply “can’t go” if they don’t have a toilet. The Kookaburra 20 Litre Portable Toilet affords one of the simple comforts of home whilst you’re out on the beaten track. It’s small, hygienic, and provides modesty, convenience and peace of mind when nature calls. Your Kookaburra 20 Litre Portable Toilet is for sale now, ready to pop in your basket. Be the first to christen yours.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: 20cm Long x 35cm wide x 44cm High
  • Flush Tank: 10 Litres
  • Waste Tank: 20 Litre capacity
  • Weight: 6.0kg
  • Double Sealed size valve – helping to avoid leaks and especially odours
  • Top and bottom tank are both a one piece construction
  • Seat is adult sized - Max weight 110kg
  • Will always flush with clean water
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean and maintainli
  • Portable and easy to transport


  • Set up a toilet station on your campsite. No need to wander off into the bush in the middle of the night when nature calls.
  • Ideal for those that commonly frequent caravan parks on holiday and don’t have a bathroom in the van. In the middle of the night there is nothing worse than having to wake up and work through the cold air to and from the toilet block in the caravan park. Keep one in your caravan and hey presto problem solved get back to sleep easier than having to brave the cool air which could keep you up instead of easily falling back to sleep.
  • Provided waste products are disposed of appropriately it is the most environmentally sound way to camp.
  • Some people won’t camp because they don’t like public pit loos and heading to the bush when nature calls. Might be the answer to get non campers in your family camping.
  • There light weight, easy to transport, easy to use and maintain and allows some of the comfort of civilisation in your remote camping area.
  • Brilliant for car campers and trailer campers heading to remote locations where there are no facilities.

Enjoy one of the comforts of home when you’re out camping with the Kookaburra Portable Toilets. Now there’s no need to struggle over a whole. Your toilet away from home is the sanctuary it has always been. Take a book, not a shovel.



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