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Boat fishing offers the freedom of being able to cover large spans of water during the same fishing trip. The ability to move around gives you the luxury of switching location if the nibbles aren’t coming. Of course, the sheer variety of ocean-dwelling species is another reason why boat fishing is so enjoyable for anglers. Below is a special selection of rod and reel categories created for boat fishermen.

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Baitrunner Boat Rod Combo

Shop here – in this category for a great deal on a deep sea reef fishing bait runner boat combo.

Jigging Combo

Our Jigging Combo will satisfy all your needs for  jigging and more at an affordable price!

Overhead Boat Rod Combo

Our Overhead Boat Rod and Reel Combo are a great value deal suitable for ocean boat fishing.

Snapper on Soft Plastics Rod and Reel Combo

Our Snapper Rod and Reel Combo will give your catch a tough time but not your wallet!

Threadline (regular style reel) boat Combo

Our Threadline (regular style reel) boat combo is perfect for catching many types of fish from the ocean on a boat.



Combos for Different Approaches – To cover all major approaches to boat fishing, we have designed fishing rod and reel combos for baitrunning, jigging, threadline, overhead rods, and catching snapper with soft plastics.

Catch Powerful Game Species – Most of these rod and reel combos have been created to give you a power rating that goes anywhere from medium to very heavy. With our help, you can fish for powerful species like GT, marlin, and tuna or Select a lighter combo for general reef fishing for snapper, morwong, queen snapper and more.

Ready for the Elements – In designing these combos, we have selected boat fishing rods and accompanying fishing reels that can withstand the punishment of corrosive saltwater. Your combo will stand the test of time.

Outfitted from the Best – Here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, we have a vast range of fishing rods and reels at our disposal. From Daiwa and Okuma to Shimano and Wilson Fishing, we cover a virtual alphabet of possibilities. This is precisely how we can create such effective and affordable fishing rod and reel setups.