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Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure

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Product Description

Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure – Surface fishing lure for bass, perch and cod.

Casting lures in the evening takes some skill and the right lure. Your average weekend angler rarely considers fishing lures at night, particularly in the dark upper reaches of a distant river. With the right lure, the right kit and you can get fabulous results, as Bass, Perch, Murray Cod and the like, love an evening hunt.

Here’s a tip. Fishing lures in the evening is all about noise, colour and fishing the surface. The Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure, while manufactured in several colours, is sold here at fishingtackleshop.com.au in black only. Black is an excellent colour for these species while fishing after sundown.

The black Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure will be an evening special for the aggressive Bass. While the perfect evening Bass weapon, Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Jack and even Barra will attack it with relish.

The large bib on the front creates a heck of a splash and a heck of a noise. The perfect recipe. Quality fittings including VMC hooks and stainless rings ensures your Bass Bug will survive the nocks and exposure. At 58mm you can be assured you will attract a broad range of fish sizes. Even the smallest of Bass will attack this guy. At 9 grams, you can even fish a touch heavier and still get plenty of casting distance.

The Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure for sale now is an evening special that is priced to sell. The accessible price makes it ideal for evening river fishing as the likelihood of getting caught up in something other than a fish is much higher. It won’t hurt quite so much when you are forced to abandon it to the snags.

Grab one or a few Trollcraft Bass Bug Lures now and hit the rivers for an evening fish full of scale filled action.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Hardbody, surface fishing lure
  • Length: 58mm
  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Hooks: VMC trebles
  • Rings: Stainless steel split rings
  • Colour: Sold in black only
  • Retrieve: Vary the speeds of a retrieve and pause. Make plenty of splash and noise
  • Freshwater lure Ideal for fishing for Australian bass, perch and cod


  • The colour and action work perfectly in concert to create and outstanding night fishing lure
  • Quality fittings and durable construction see it well suited to deal with the extra hazards of fishing dark nights way up river.
  • Working the surface is ideal in the evening as even on the blackest of nights you get visual and aural feedback from your lure letting you know whether or not you are on track
  • There are many species that hunt the surface during the night. The Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure provides an irresistible attraction to all of these predatory night feeders.

The Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure for sale now introduces a brand-new range of lure fishing possibilities to your evening fishing sessions. Grab a couple for your Bass hunts and get set for the chance of just about anything happening.

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