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TD Daiwa Sol Rod – Fishing Rods

HVF Nanoplus graphite provides the foundation for these feature laden Diawa Sol Rods for sale. Replete with Fuji and custom Alloy hardware, you will search for an eternity to find a fishing rod that offers better performance for this price point. Value meets pedigree in a rare coupling. Importantly, your Daiwa Sol rod will do plenty of damage on the water while leaving your wallet reasonably well intact.

The exhaustive range means that there is likely a model featured on this listing that will suit your application. Spin, Baitcaster and Swimbait models are all comprehensively represented in this series. You can choose Ultra-light all the way through to Extra-Heavy, with the spin models offering a selection of 2-piece options. Effectively, the TD Sol Rods gives you a shot at most things the rivers and ocean has to offer, weather you are land based or fishing from your favourite vessel.

The power of these rods is unsurpassed. X45 combines with Nano technology to produce a blank that is not only super strong, but light, with astonishingly thin diameters. The responsiveness and sensitivity will impress the most discerning of anglers, at puts a new light on the term ‘be the fish’. You will feel everything, the slightest transmission from the hook end will transfer all the way to your hand. With twist and distortion all but eliminated, you will be most impressed all the power is concentrated where it is needed, in your targets mouth.

The TD Daiwa Sol Rods for sale now will reinvigorate your fishing enthusiasm and launch your fish catching skills into the stratosphere. Check out the specs below and grab a selection for your arsenal.

Features and Specifications

  • Blank Construction: Graphite with HVF Nanoplus, X45 technologies
  • Guides: Fuji Alconite KL Guides (Spin Rods) or Fuji Alconite K Guides (Baitcaster Rods) or Fuji Alconite KR/KT Guides (Swimbait Rods)
  • Daiwa Surround Hold reel seats
  • Custom alloy componentry

Note: Price is for 1 single rod only, choose which best suits your needs at the ordering stage. Images for illustration only, differences occur between the models. Pricing can vary depending on what model is chosen.

Spinning Rod Models

ModelTypePiece TypeLengthActionCast WeightLine Class RatingSuit Reel
641HFS Spin 1 6ft 4 inch Heavy 10 - 28 grams 4 - 9 kg 3000-400
701ULXS Spin 1 7ft Ultra-Light 1 - 5 grams 1 - 3 kg 1000-2000
702ULXS Spin 2 7ft Ultra-Light 1 - 5 grams 1 - 3 kg 1000-200
701LXS Spin 1 7ft Light 2 - 10 grams 2 - 4 kg 1000-2500
702LXS Spin 2 7ft Light 2 - 10 grams 2 - 4 kg 1000-2500
701MLXS Spin 1 7ft Medium Light 4 - 14 grams 3 - 5 kg 2000-3000
701HFS Spin 1 7ft Heavy 7 - 28 grams 6 - 10 kg 4000
762MHFS Spin 2 7ft 6inch Medium Heavy 7 - 28 grams 5 - 9 kg 3000-4000

Baitcaster / Swimbait Rod Models

ModelTypePiece TypeLengthActionCast WeightLine Class RatingSuit Reel
601HFB Baitcaster 1 6ft Heavy 10 - 28 grams 6 - 10 kg Baitcaster Overhead
641MLFB Baitcaster 1 6ft 4 inch Medium Light 4 - 12 grams 2 - 5 kg Baitcaster Overhead
641MHFB Baitcaster 1 6ft 4 inch Medium Heavy 7 - 21 grams 4 - 7 kg Baitcaster Overhead
6101MXB Baitcaster 1 6ft 10 inch Medium 5 - 14 grams 3 - 5 kg Baitcaster Overhead
76H-SB Baitcaster 1 7ft 6 inch Medium-Heavy 7-28 grams 5-9kg Baitcaster Overhead
76XH-SB Swimbait 1 1/2 7ft 6 icnch Extra Heavy 8-12 inch swimbaits 15 - 24 kg Baitcaster Overhead

Daiwa Sol Rod Buyers Guide

As you may have noticed there are several rods in the Daiwa Sol Fishing Rod range for sale and as we mentioned earlier, the price is just for 1 rod only. So, now you need to decide which one suits you best. Do you need a sol rod to suit a spinning reel? Or a baitcaster? Or perhaps a swimbait baitcast reel?

Above in the tables you will notice we have separated the range into either Spin or baitcast/swimbait. Baitcasters are favoured among those that freshwater fish, particularly for species such as barramundi or murray cod and the addition of the swimbait range caters for the anglers that wish to toss big lures around for these types of species.

For the average angler sticking to the lakes or river (salt or fresh) there is several rods in the spin range. We have a couple rated 1-3kg which make ideal rods for the finesse angler that may be targeting bream, whiting, small trout and other light class of fish.

We have a few in the 2-4 and 3-5kg class for the all-round light angler targeting the same sorts of species as well as flathead, perch and perhaps Aussie bass but, the anglers targeting a heavier class of fish on spin gear are not forgotten with a few rated 5 through to 10kg. A class that anglers targeting mulloway, barramundi and cod inshore will admire as well as the offshore saltwater angler targeting snapper and other reef fish on lures such as soft plastics.

Some of you may be a little confused about what reel size to match to the rod. Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we have taken the guess work out of it and provide the spin reel size in Daiwa brand that will best suit the model listed. See our tables above for more info.


  • Fuji guide technology turns a super blank into a super rod. Lightweight and hardy, the Fuji hardware promotes outstanding casting and line management.
  • Daiwa Surround Hold reel seats not only grip your reel vice like, but ensure the sensitivity built into the blank is passed all the way through to the reel and the anglers hand.
  • X45 works to eliminate twist and distortion. Even under the toughest of loads your rod will maintain its integrity.
  • HVF Nanoplus is the secret technology that creates the highest density graphite making the rod light, responsive and crisp.
  • V-joint technology (on the 2pc models for sale) ensures that these models have all the strength of the 1 piece, with the added bonus of convenient transport and storage

Fish with TD Sol Rods and you’ll enter an angling experience where power, performance sensitivity and responsiveness are taken for granted. This is an extensive range of classy fishing poles that will not only enhance your fishing sessions but will also be kind to your wallet. Want performance? Choose a TD Daiwa Sol Rod.


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