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Storm RIP Seeker Jerk Lure

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Product Description

Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lure

For the fresh water angler looking to tackle Murray Cod in deep water, the Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lure for sale now is a must have in your kit. The saltwater fishing enthusiasts will get amazing results with Barra and it will pull up well when deployed to target mulloway and kingfish.

At 80 grams and 20 centimetres in length this is a pretty big lure that is sure to attract a larger class of fish. As the old adage says, big baits equal big fish. The front of the Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lure is hard body. The rear wriggler tail part of the lure is soft held on with a single hook. Plus, a handy inclusion is that each Storm Rip Seeker Jerk lure comes complete with a spare replacement tail. The tail generates the irresistible action of a soft plastic, the front section, the action of a hardbody, which also contains a rattle to attract even more attention, finished off with a soft covering to make it even more realistic.

It is a dream to cast and peak action is easy to generate and maintain, a stop start retrieve will produce the best results.  Available some amazing colours, there is definitely a Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lure that will suit your location and application. Whether you fish the saltwater or the freshwater, it is a must have. For those that fish both salt and fresh regularly, you must have a selection of Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lures in your kit if you can afford to purchase more than one.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Fishing Lure
  • Type:  Jerkbait
  • Length: 20cm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Depth: top water to 2m (open depth)
  • Hooks: 1 x Single (rear) 1 X treble (centre body)
  • Hybrid hard & soft construction
  • Suspends in predator’s face
  • Strong jerkbait action on stop start retrieve
  • Soft skin on hard head section resembles live prey
  • Comes with spare tail

Notes: Multiple Images are for illustration – Price is for one lure only

How to fish the Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lure

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing for the likes of murray cod, barramundi, kingfish or mulloway as a few prime examples, it is a lure that can be jerked with fast twitches to provide an amazing rip and glide action.  If you are using the jerk action give the lure some slack between jerks for impressive overall performance. The lure may also be ripped at higher speeds if desired.


  • Get the best of a hard body and soft plastic in the one lure. This is a genuine hybrid providing you with serious versatility.
  • Easy to work with a simple stop start retrieve. Hard and soft work in tandem generating a unique action fish cannot resist.
  • The spare tail is a great offering saving you time and money.
  • The size and weight ensure you will attract a larger class of fish.
  • The Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lure is designed to be worked on the surface to 2 meters. There is no limit to the depth it can be worked however providing the angler with awesome flexibility for fishing anywhere in the water column

The Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lure is a genuine hybrid lure offering you the best of soft plastic and hard body characteristics. Ideal for the salt and fresh this latest offering from storm will allow you to target a larger class of fish. It is fast becoming a special for large Murray Cod.

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