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Squidgies Bio Tough Wriggler Lures

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Product Description

Squidgies Bio Tough Wriggler Lures - Packet

The word is out, and the Squidgy Bio Tough range is being snapped up by the boat load as the average angler gets wind that these plastics are by no means ordinary plastics.

The Squidgy Bio Tough Wriggler featured here is just one style in the new lure series. It’s part of the Bio Tough range, and they are set to revolutionise the way we view and use soft plastics.

The reviews from the experts are telling us that these soft plastic fishing lures are a definite step up from the old model Squidgies. This certainly is a huge claim, because the Squidgy we all know and love, the Squidgy that has caught us countless fish, is nothing short of superb.

Squidgies Bio Tough Wriggler Lures have a delicious looking curly tail that makes it perfectly suited to the lift and drop. While its versatility lends to other methods, those chasing a larger class of fish in deeper waters will appreciate the deadly action of the tail as it raised and lowered. Fish attack it as if in total rage.

Such is the quality of the new Bio plastic, you can leave you lure in the zone and just let wave action take care of working your lure. Be prepared for the drop as your weighted Wriggler makes its way down to the strike zone, expect it to be snapped up before you do anything.

Available in UV enhanced colours, the 100mm or 120mm will provide you access to a huge range of fish. From flathead to Snapper with bumps the size of Uluru , from Barra, to Yellow Tail Kingfish, just imagine the fish, and it will take a Wriggler.

The lure construction is a combination of Squidgy experience and Shimano advanced plastics technology. Not only is the lure 50% Biodegradable, it is also incredibly durable, strong, supple and elastic. In a boon for the budget conscious, this lure will outlast its competitors, including its older sibling the original squidgy range.

In the words of Steve Starling, “I can honestly say that I’ve never fished with deadlier plastics!” They’re pretty strong words from one of Australia’s angling household names. Remember, he’s not contracted to Shimano anymore, that’s purely independent opinion.

Get out and get wriggling now. Catch more fish, a heap more, while ensuring you are doing your bit for the environment your fishing future depends upon. The Squidgy Bio Tough Wriggler. For sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Style: Wriggler Tail
  • Sizes: 100mm or 120mm
  • UV enhanced Colours
  • 50% Biodegradable construction
  • Sold unrigged (jig heads available separately in our online fishing store).
  • Made in Japan
  • Qty: 5 lures in 1 packet
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing

Note: Price is for one single packet only. Choose which colour/size you like when ordering.

Guide: How to use the Squidgies Bio Tough Wriggler Lures

Wiggler lures are one of the most versatile soft plastic fishing lures in the market place and they are best for those just starting out since the lure has amazing action just on the simplest retrieve but also make a favourite pick among the most advanced of anglers.

Once rigged on a jig head (which we sell separate if required – just use our search tool for the word jig head) these lures will employ a wriggling action upon the drop as well as the retrieve. They are perfect for fishing the shallows, sand flats and the deep water both fresh and salt. Simply cast out let the lure do a full drop then start winding back, you can do a simple wind or you can impart extra action by lifting your rod tip and giving your reel handle a quick turn, let the lure drop then repeat the process in a consistent manner until the lure is back at your feet.

100mm Squidgies Bio Tough wriggler fishing lures are an ideal size for bream, flathead, Australian bass, trout, redfin and other perch among a wide range of other freshwater and saltwater fish species. Ideally, rig up on a jig head with a hook size of around #1

120mm Squidgies Bio Tough wrigglers are just a touch bigger for attracting a larger class of fish. Still ideal for flathead and most of the species we mentioned above for the 100mm size. The 120mm wriggler will also make a good choice for mangrove jack, Barramundi, Cod and snapper to name a couple extras. Recommended approx. jig head hook size for this model is size 1/0-2/0.


  • Perfect for fishing deeper waters using a lift and drop technique.
  • Attracts an astonishing range of fish species, large and small, salt and freshwater.
  • 50%Biodegradable. Fish for outstanding results while doing your bit for our fragile fishing environment.
  • Even though it is a biodegradable plastic, there has been no sacrifice in action and durability. In fact, your Bio tough wriggler will outlast and outperform its older cousin and some other rival brands.
  • Such is the quality of the plastic, the tail will move in an irresistible, seductive way even when stationary. Current is all that is required.
  • The UV enhanced colours create another level of fish attraction helping to improve your catch rates.

Squidgies Bio Tough Wriggler lures must be cast to be fully appreciated. Superb construction materials, coupled with the design experience achieved fishing Australian waters, has created a super lure that will see you and your fishing buddies bag out more often than not. Buy a pack now and beat the rush.

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