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Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Lures

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Product Description

Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Lures

Interestingly, the Squidgy Bio Tough Fish Soft plastic fishing lures come with a warning from none other than Starlo himself. He says these lures are so good, you’ll have to watch your bag limit, particularly in hard fished waters. He reminds us of the old adage “limit your kill, don’t kill your limit.”

Starlo no longer appears on the lure bags and no longer has the contract with Shimano, his views here are completely independent. While he still has a place for the old model Squidgy, the new Bio Tough fish is his first choice when the tournament pressure is on or when he needs to catch fish when the cameras are rolling.

“I can honestly say that I’ve never fished with deadlier plastics!” What more can we say. With words like this from Steve Starling, you’d better get in quick before the shelves are cleared. Available in a couple of sizes and some great UV enhanced colours, point the Squidgy Bio Tough Fish at all your favourites from Flathead to Barra and Tailor to all sorts of other freshwater and saltwater fish species.

With this sort of endorsement from one of Australia’s most respected anglers, there’s little stopping from buying every colour in every size if you can afford to. If you want to have the sort of fishing experience where bag limits become a serious consideration, you’ve got to be fishing with Squidgies Bio Tough Fish.

Squidgy Bio Tough Fish are constructed with the tough Dura Stretch plastic combined with the new 'Synthetic Bioplastic'. They’re 50% biodegradable, as requested by you the angler. The new biodegradable feature has taken nothing away from the strength, durability and elasticity of the legend plastic lure.

The likes of a Large Flathead, Salmon or Perch will certainly show on your lure, but nothing like what they did on the old Squidgies and other brands. You’ll get plenty of use from each lure. Casting for Bream and Mulloway is most economical. You’ll find one bait catches fish after fish before replacement is required.

Squidgy Bio Tough Fish for sale now will catch you more fish, for less money and in a manner that is far kinder to the environment we all treasure so highly. Grab a pack or if you can afford to, a selection now and hit the water with your new range of Squidgy Bio Tough Fish.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Lures
  • Style: Soft plastic fish paddle tail
  • Sizes: Order either 70mm or 100mm size
  • UV enhanced
  • Dura stretch – ultra strong and stretchy
  • Made in Japan
  • 50% Biodegradable
  • Sold unrigged (jigheads available separately for sale)
  • Pcs per pack (5 lures)
  • Brand: Shimano Squidgies

Note: Price is for one packet only. Choose which size/colour you require when ordering

Guide: How to use the Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Lures

Soft plastic fishing lures have been around for decades now and most anglers have got the technique and action down pat. However, for those who are not too sure the best thing to do is to rig these lures on a jig head (which we sell separate in our online tackle store, simply use the search tool to find jig heads). Rig them so the hook protrudes from the top of the plastic, not the bottom then cast around weed beds, on sand flats, around structure or simply in open water if you so desire. When retrieving the lure, you could use a variety of techniques though the one that has stood the test of time is to give your reel a short wind then flick your rod tip then continue by repeating that same process. There are many online videos that will assist you if you need a visual demonstration.

70mm Bio tough fish will be your go to size for most average flathead anglers, bream anglers and those that target Australian bass, perch, trout and other average size fish targets. Ideally the 70mm size will rig best on a size 1 to 1/0 hook size jig head.

Step it up a notch and 100mm Bio Tough Fish lures are ideal for those that target larger flathead, Murray cod, Big yellowbelly, barramundi, threadfin salmon, Australian salmon, kingfish, mangrove jack, mulloway and just about an endless list of other salt and freshwater species that will have no trouble devouring a 100mm size bait. Jig head sizes for the 100mm lure we recommend are those being in the vicinity of 2/0-3/0 hook size.


  • Superb durability, withstanding the teeth of many a predator making it a wise economical lure choice. It will survive many battles before replacement is required.
  • The sort of versatility that makes it an irresistible lure for just about anything with scales
  • The Bio Degradable feature was requested by you the anglers. Shimano produced. You can now fish easy, knowing that this is a far better choice for the pristine environments we wish to try and keep pristine, and full of fish
  • The tail has shad, T-tail and swim-bait features, with a special Squidgy element that produces a tail beat. Coupled with trademark belly flaps we all know, this becomes one seriously deadly soft plastic fishing lure.
  • The UV enhancement creates a natural glowing feature that makes them even more irresistible to whatever fish it encounters.

Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Lures will change the way you fish. Wherever you wet a line, you will be expecting to knock on the door of bag limits, even in the most heavily fished waters. Fish responsibly, the Squidgy Bio Tough Fish Lures are very special, very potent lures of choice for many of anglers.

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