Shimano Sephia Egi Pouch Squid Jig Case

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Shimano Sephia Egi Pouch Squid Jig Case

You’ve heard of the old saying ‘all the gear but no idea’ right? well what about all the squid jigs but no bag to put them in? Yes, the gear heads at Shimano thought of this too and hence went about designing a squid jig case to house your jigs in. Whether they be the basic of basic jigs or high quality Japanese squid jigs this bag will house up to 20 of your favourite squid lures.

The Shimano Sephia Egi Pouch is not just any ordinary squid jig case though. When Shimano went about designing this case they looked at other important elements such as; this bag will be used around harsh saltwater environment and this would mean that potentially problems may occur to jigs by rusting. To solve this, Shimano made the bag out of such material allowing it to become a hoseable case. Now, after you have finished your squid fishing session you can take your jigs and the case home, give it a hose to wash all the corrosive saltwater away and leave it to dry.

Packed full of features if you own a lot of squid jig lures or if you are just starting to build a collection. You need suitable squid jig storage and the Sephia egi bag is nothing short of being perfect for this situation.

Features and specifications

  • Capable of being able to hold and store 20 squid jigs
  • 20 separate compartments
  • Will take all sizes of jigs from 2.0 through to 4.0
  • Hoseable material
  • Saltwater friendly zip
  • Carry Handle
  • Clear lid
  • Front open pouch to store a couple of jigs or tools
  • Approx size 21cm Long x 11cm wide x 16cm high


  • Obviously, the biggest benefit is you have a nice clean organized space to store your jigs. No longer will they need to be thrown in the top of your tackle bag which houses a vast array of other fishing paraphernalia putting yourself in a situation where you will at some stage need to rummage through that mixed tackle bag and ‘ouch’ prick your finger on one of the sharp jig barbs. With the Shimano Sephia Squid Jig Case this problem is taken care of as each jig has its own separate compartment, barbs facing down.
  • The storage compartments come in 5 separate banks (with each bank containing a 4-jig provision) allowing for easy removal and cleaning of your jigs.
  • Carry handle makes the jig bag a breeze to carry considering you will also be carting a range of other items down to the rock ledge.
  • Hoseable design makes cleaning easy and helps keep corrosion at bay on your jigs.
  • Clear top lid means you can spot your next jig of choice in split seconds.

Most anglers invest a lot of money on squid jigs. It only makes perfect sense to look after that investment and purchase a Shimano Sephia Egi Pouch Squid Jig Case. For sale here at Fishing Tackle Shop for an amazing price.


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