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Shimano Plays Electric Reel

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Product Description

Shimano Plays Electric Reel

There’s plenty of good reasons to invest electric reels. The Shimano Plays Electric reels listed below will change the way you approach jigging and fishing the deep blue. Most importantly, they remove so much of the effort associated with fishing deep in the water column, jigging the depths and bouncing the bottom.

Electric reel technology has advanced significantly and the addition of such features as automatic jigging and super slow retrieve is making them appealing to a whole new market. The Fine dot LCD display gives you accurate and invaluable insight as to where your lure is in the water column. Use this information in tandem with the info on your fish finder keeps you right in the thick of the strike zone for longer. This means more fish, more often.

Plays Reels has exceptional staying power. You can expect a decent days fishing on a single charge (12v Battery is not included). For those with a well-equipped boat, you can simply plug in to the socket on your gunwale for assurance that your powered up for an extended session.

Other features include outstanding fingertip controls with the rigid and super strong Hagane body protecting the smooth and durable S A-R Bearings. The Cross Carbon drag provides plenty of stopping power for the hard runs and the super free spool gets you down into the action at lighting fast pace.

Do your back a favour and strap a Shimano Plays Electric Reel for sale now to your favourite blue water rod. They’re cheaper than you think.


Features and Specifications

ModelRatioDrag (KG)Weight (G)Line Capacity BraidReel Size Class
PL 400 5.5:1 5 475 PE2 / 200m, PE3, 150M or PE4 100m Small
PL 800 5.0:1 10 615 PE 3/300m or PE4/250m Medium
PL 1000 5.0:1 10 615 PE3/400m or PE5/200m Medium-Lge
PL 3000 3.9:1 15 685 PE4/40lb or PE5/350m Large
  • Model: Shimano Plays Electric Reel
  • Fine Dot LCD screen
  • Hagane Body
  • Exciting Drag Sound
  • 5+1 S A-RB Bearings
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Retrieve Range 58cm PL3000, 70cm PL400
  • Star Drag
  • Automatic jigging mode
  • Quick Return Clutch
  • Super Free Spool
  • Super Slow Retrieve
  • Suits Overhead Rods only – models such as jigging, offshore or dendoh rods.

Note: Price is for 1 reel only, choose which one when ordering (price will vary depending on size chosen) Images for illustration only, differences may occur between models.


  • The famous Shimano S A-RB Bearings ensure a long and smooth working life preventing the devastating impacts of the salt environment.
  • Shimano’s cross carbon drag is reliable, predictable and as smooth as silk with oceans of powerful fish turning technology.
  • The Automatic Jigging mode is a huge energy saver removing all the back-breaking work from working the depths with hefty jigs.
  • The super slow retrieve is ideal for working lures and presenting whole dead fish baits without having to lift a finger.
  • Shimano Plays Electric Reels are easy to use with easy control and a fine dot LCD screen to report all the details of where you are in the fishing column.
  • The Hagane body is lightweight yet incredibly strong. This rigid material ensures your internals remain in sync, converting the power to where it is needed most.

If you jig, if you fish deep, or if you’re a techno fan that simply can’t get enough of the latest innovations from Shimano, the Shimano Plays Electric Reel is for you. Power up and fish the depth all day for the oceans greatest tasting species.

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