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Roman Portable Solar Charger kits PWR Grid

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Product Description

Roman Portable Solar Charger kits PWR Grid

The modern digital age assures us one thing. Wherever you go, trekking or camping, hiking or exploring, you will have a device or three that requires charging. Problem is however, that in the middle of the Aussie wilderness, power points aren’t so accessible.

Right above you head lies an infinite source of power. Its daily appearance is the most reliable event we know. With the Roman Solar Charger kits, you can convert the sun’s rays to charge your smartphones, cameras, power banks, GPS units, Go Pro and more.

The new Roman PWRGRID range of Portable Solar Chargers for sale now are high performance mobile power solutions. The 45W system is able to charge 5V DC and 12V DC batteries.

There is a 6.5, 13, 20 and 45W option depending on your power demands. Each system uses highly efficient monocrystalline cells which provide a conversion rate in excess of 22%. That’d super-efficient considering 15% is regarded as good.

Complete with a high power solar controller, a host of leads, storage and mounting options, and ETFE cell lamination for maximum protection, Roman Portable Solar Charger kits can handle the tough Aussie wilderness and everything you can throw at it.

The Roman Portable Solar Charger kits are your personal power station driven by the sun. Robust construction ensures longevity and the compact construction means they will go just about anywhere with you, conveniently, fuss free, without the worry of weight and space constraints.

Check the specs below versus you charging demands. Select your Roman PWRGRID capacity and never be without charge again. The included instruction manual is easy to follow. You don’t have to be an electronics expert or electrician to get the most out of your Solar Charger kit. Can’t decide which capacity is right for you? Purchase a selection for options. The 6.5W will be ideal for the trekker needing to charge a phone and camera. Camping with the family? The 45W will keep everybody’s batteries charged. Yes, even your teenage kids.


Features and Specifications

Part No.Max. Power (Pm)Current at Max. Power (lmp)Voltage at Max. Power (Vmp)Output ConnectionDimensions (folded)Dimensions (unfolded)Weight
PRI20256 6.5W 6.8W N/A 6.5V 1 X USB 5V/1A N/A 163L x 304W mm 400g
PRI20267 13W 13.6W N/A 6.5V 2 x USB 5V/2A 165L x 304W x 22H mm 330L x 304W mm 630g
PRI20278 20W 20.4W N/A 6.5V 2 x USB 5V/2A 165L x 304W x 25H mm 500L X 304W mm 830g
PRI20289 45W 47.6W 3.1A 15.4V 2 x USB 5V/2A 170L x 280W x 35H mm 1200 x 280W 2.0kg
  • Next generation Sunpower 3.4W cells
  • ETFE cell lamination for maximum protection
  • Smart Charge Controller with Auto Restart Technology
  • Cell Make: Sunpower Maxeon C60
  • Cell Type: 3.4W Monocrystalline
  • Cell Efficiency: 22.5%
  • Cell Encapsulation: ETFE lamination
  • USB cable
  • Carabiner clamps
  • Suction cups
  • Neoprene storage pouch
  • Instruction manual

Note: If purchasing the 45W Solar Mat Kit also includes: 8A Solar Controller 800mm extension lead and incl. battery clamps, 3m extensions lead incl. 30A plugs.

Pricing Note

Images are for illustration only accessories such as phones etc are not included. Pricing is for one unit only and pricing will vary and depend on which size unit you choose to purchase.


  • The brilliant and compact solution for staying charged when there is no grid electricity
  • Perfect for smartphones, cameras, power banks, GPS units and Go Pros, with the 45W capable of charging 5 and 12-volt DC batteries.
  • Monocrystalline cells provide the ultimate in conversion with each Maxeon 3.4W cell converting at a huge 22.5%.
  • The range of leads and mounting options affords convenience and flexibility regardless of how inconvenient your location may be.
  • The Neoprene storage offers outstanding protection when stored and in transit while the ETFE lamination protects your cells when exposed to the elements.
  • Lightweight yet durable construction makes them perfect for the rugged conditions experienced when camping and trekking throughout Australia.
  • What about the safety aspects in case of emergency an example could be you are out bush walking where there is still mobile reception, you get lost and have little to no battery charge on your phone left… (just one example where a solar charger could come in handy).

The new Roman PWRGRID range of Solar Chargers offers serious power for the digitally armed camper. Power up and power on with the convenience of electricity taken free from the sun. Never be without charge again.

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