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WFT Gliss Fishing Line

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Product Description

WFT Gliss Fishing Line

If nothing else WFT Gliss fishing line has caused one heck of a stir amongst pros as to the benefits, or otherwise, of hybrid fishing lines. After much conferring, pointing of fingers and shaking of heads, the testing by the cream of our pro ranks has found that WFT Gliss fishing line has a niche that may see it push out every other class of line in that niche and this is a big deal. In fact, plenty of Aussie anglers have been chasing Gliss from suppliers overseas, prior to its availability here. Its reputation as the master line for finesse angling has got many an angler clambering over mail orders and supplier websites to get a taste of the new craze in fishing line.

For those that are new to hybrid fishing line it is best described as a combination of mono and braid, and therefore sharing many of the properties of both. Without going into the science of the construction, its key features are thus; it is incredibly thin. The break strain for diameter is unrivalled. The line is also incredibly smooth making the casting distance totally out of this world. As far as stretch goes, it is better than braid. There is incredibly low water absorption and it casts even better when it is wet. For the finesse angler, WFT Gliss is proving to be something special.

WFT Gliss line has fantastic UV resistance and extreme tensile strength. Gliss is collaboration between Japanese PE manufactures and German engineers. With this combination of experience a brain power, you can see clearly how Gliss fishing line is making its way on to the spools of anglers that demand ultimate performance with every cast.

Features and Specifications

  • Slickness of Mono
  • Better strength than braid
  • Thinner diameters than braid
  • Better casting qualities than both mono and braid
  • Unrivalled casting distance
  • Almost perfectly round
  • Retains shape during the fight
  • Less stretch than braid
  • Exceptional UV resistance
  • Colours - Choose from: Pink, green, yellow or transparent

Note: Images are for illustration purpose only - price is for 1 spool only and price will vary depending on what size spool you select.

Breaking strains to choose from

  • 4kg: 8lb (0.10mm diameter) available in 150m
  • 6kg: 13lb (0.12mm diameter) available in 150 metres or 300 metres
  • 8kg: 17lb (0.14mm diameter) available in 150 metres or 300 metres
  • 11kg: 24lb (0.18mm diameter) available in 150 metres or 300 metres
  • 19kg: 41lb (0.25mm diameter) available in 300 metres


  • Finesse anglers can cast their super lightweight lures for miles with great accuracy.
  • The UV resistance gives you a much longer working life saving you money.
  • Better casting properties than both mono and braid means you have unrivalled casting control.
  • Packs brilliantly onto the reel due to its shape, shape retention, incredibly smooth texture astonishing uniformity.
  • Gliss will reinvigorate the finesse line market and ultimately catch you more fish.

WFT Gliss Fishing Line is top shelf brilliance. Get ready to see many a spool sporting this new hybrid. It’s taking the market by storm and we’re suggesting you get your hands on some now.



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