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Watersnake Tracker Pro Electric Motor SWTC (incl remote controls)

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Product Description

Watersnake Tracker Electric Boat Motors For Sale - Bow mount (Foot control and wrist remote controls)

When the fish are on, you’re feeling that moment of panic to position your boat just perfectly, your casting and manoeuvring while keeping a watch out for snags, the bottom, overhanging trees, the changes in the water, as well as your mate whose casting awfully close to your head, you feel like you need the arms of an octopus and a dozen eyes in your head. Short of that, a handy remote control and foot control for your Watersnake Tracker Bow mount sees you navigating with ease, whilst still coping with the other many inputs you need to process.

The Watersnake Tracker electric motor with remote control is an awesome bow mount that gives you precision manoeuvring, with power and stealth, always as quite as a mouse. The features of the Watersnake Tracker Bow mount electric trolling motor is the reason Jarvis Marine Watersnake have become so popular. Durability is always assured due to the composite shafts that are pretty well unbreakable under normal conditions. Circuit boards are encapsulated, there are sacrificial zinc anodes as well as other anti-corrosive treatments. The prop shaft is stainless and the propeller weedless. The bracket is also corrosion resistant. Watersnake have built a unit that it knows must stand up to the rigors of salt water fishing boats.

Function and manoeuvrability is as well considered as the durability. The Tracker has a three-geared turning box for precision steering. You have the ability to shift your boat using the very sturdy foot control or hand held remote control which provides the angler with incredible flexibility. The quick release bracket and the cut-off switch that activates when stowed are all little features that offer great function. The Watersnake Tracker Bow mount saltwater electric trolling motor with remote control will make an excellent addition to your boat.

Features and Specifications

  • Thrust: 54lb
  • Composite shaft (Choose from Tracker Pro 54/48 – 48inch shaft or 54/54 – 54inch shaft)
  • Remote control AND foot pedal
  • Stainless steel prop shaft
  • Weedless propeller design
  • Sacrificial zinc anodes and anti-corrosive treatments
  • Fully encapsulated circuit boards
  • Corrosion-resistant bracket
  • 3 geared turning motor
  • Integrated quick release bracket

Note: Price varies depending on what size motor shaft you choose.


  • Excellent power and manoeuvrability to take your boat to where the fish are prowling.
  • Awesome corrosion protection will see you Tracker enjoy a long working life.
  • The remote control allows fingertip manoeuvrability. Excellent for refining your boat position to assist casting and lure position in the water.
  • The cut-off switch that engages as soon as the motor is stowed will save accidental battery discharge.
  • The quick release bracket allows you to mount and dismount your motor with ease.
  • The composite shaft will handle the rigors of bumps and groundings that are likely in the shallows.

The Watersnake Tracker Bow mount trolling motor with remote control is a must for your boat and will provide you with unrivalled access to the locations the fish are biting, all without touching your outboard. Power and stealth and an easy price. Get yours now right here at Fishing Tackle Shop.



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