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TT Vortex Spinner Bait 1/4oz Fishing Lures

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Product Description

TT Lures Vortex ¼ oz Spinnerbait Fishing Lures

If you fish the timber and weed beds in impoundments or dams for bass or yellow belly or you might even have a nice secret secluded spot on a river that has some nice undercut banks strewn with logs? or you can’t get through the weeds and snags with conventional lures then you need the TT Lures Vortex ¼ oz Spinnerbait lure to get you to where the fish are holding.

Features and Specifications

  • A Hand Sculptured lure head to give a balanced lure during descent
  • Realistic Holographic 3D eyes
  • Chemically Sharpened Hooks for good hook set
  • Tough Silicone skirts for more durability and in fantastic fish catching colours
  • Sliver Colorado blade and 24k Gold coloured Willow blade for added versatility in clear shallow water or murky deeper holes
  • Stainless wire construction and quality ball bearing swivel and components
  • ¼ oz (7 grams) Weight
  • Lure length overall 10cm
  • Available in proven fish catching colours
  • Ideal size for targeting Australian Bass, Bream, Yellowbelly perch and other species of perch plus a host of other.

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  • The TT Lures Vortex 1/4oz Spinnerbait has been crafted to work in a variety of fishing situations and retrieves. Whether you’re slow rolling it down a steep bank, or burning it over the top of a weed bed the balanced head design and combination blades give the optimum performance in either scenario.
  • The TT Lures Vortex 1/4oz Spinnerbait silicone skirt seductively pulsates while the blades flutter on decent attracting strikes on the drop. When the retrieve starts that’s when the blades come in to their own spinning and flashing representing a school of small bait fish tempting the fish in to biting.
  • The Tt Lures Vortex ¼ oz Spinnerbait is virtually snag proof so you can fish it confidently in some seriously tough country, without the worry of losing a lure to a log. Whether you can get the fish out once you’ve hooked it! Well that’s another story.

Are you looking for a lure that’s a proven fish taker that generally won’t hang up in the snags? The TT Lures Vortex 1/4oz Spinnerbait Lure is what you’re after!

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