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TT Vector Micro Jig Lure

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Product Description

TT Vector Jigs Micro Jig Lures

Jigging really puts the ‘sport’ into fishing. Any angler that has spent a day jigging up monsters is fully aware of the physical effort required to get the best out of the technique. So why is it that a technique demanding the type of effort that sees you requiring a post session rub down is so very popular? The answer is simple. The results are phenomenal, the battles are frenetic and exciting and when other methods of enticing fish are failing, a good jig can turn a slow day into an angling bonanza.

If you are going to the effort it is always best that you ensure your jigs are superbly designed and manufactured. Great jigs result in record fish. A great place to start is ensuring you have versatility and the TT Vector Jigs – Micro Jig Lures are superb lures and incredibly versatile. Work with a traditional jig technique with lift and drop or, if that’s not paying off try a straight retrieve mixing your action until you find that which is exciting your target. Fish can be very fussy at times so having a jig like the TT Vector Jigs – Micro Jig Lure that you can work to suit the mood of the fish is essential. The TT Vector Jigs – Micro Jig Lures should rest in the top shelf of your lure kit, ready for action the moment you hit the GPS mark.

There are a few proven colours from our order menu to choose from when purchasing with each available in 25, 40 or 60 gram. The 3D eye looks totally real and hooks are chemically sharpened, twin assist, heavy-duty Mustad, connected via heavy duty Dacron and rings, strong enough to handle the powerful runs, teeth and slamming head action of pelagic species.

The TT Vector Jigs Micro Jig Lures give you the flexibility to fish anywhere in the water column. It is this utility, with the TT lures build quality that make the TT Vector Jigs Micro Jig Lures and essential addition to your jigging tackle arsenal.

Features and Specifications

  • Weights: purchase either 25, 40 or 60 gram
  • Eyes: Realistic 3D
  • Hooks: Heavy Duty Mustard twin assist
  • Connections: Dacron and heavy duty rings
  • Depth: Anywhere in the water column
  • Suitable for light jigging for fish such as small tuna, kingfish, snapper, amberjack, cobia, coral trout, and more

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  • Build quality is outstanding. Your TT micro jig lure will handle the punishment of many hard battles.
  • Retrieve techniques are limited only by your imagination. The TT Vector Jigs Micro Jig Lures are amazingly versatile providing the angler with huge scope for matching retrieve technique to the depth and desires of the target species.
  • The colour finish is fantastic and proven on a broad range of Australian reef and blue water species.

The TT Vector Jigs Micro Jig Lures will add versatility to you jig collection. They are priced affordably so you can grab a few colours (if your wallet allows) to experiment in you favoured jigging locations. Throw a few in your basket now.

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