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Tiemco Jumbo Cicada Lure

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Product Description

Tiemco Jumbo Cicada Fishing Lure

Barra, Big Bass and Murray Cod are the most aggressive of our fresh water species. They ambush and monster lures with incredible aggression. Big specimen of each of these species are highly prised by most freshies, with many an angler dedicated to bagging that elusive trophy fish. It’s a decades long journey, and once accomplished, the passion only grows.

With the shelves awash with any number of surface fishing lures proclaiming miracles, it can often be wise to dip a little deeper into your pockets and pay for lures of premium craftsmanship. The Tiemco Jumbo Cicada lure are such surface lures. You won’t get much change from 30 bucks but a Tiemco Jumbo Cicada tied to your leader will propel your chances of landing that trophy fish exponentially.

The Tiemco Jumbo Cicada is a floating topwater lure, designed to mimic a struggling bug, namely, the Cicada. It’s large size of 60mm makes it ideal for big Barra and Murray Cod but also within the reach of monster Bass. A slow retrieve is all that is required to get the Cicada up and walking, with its soft plastic wings making the sort of commotion the laziest of fish cannot ignore.

It is brilliant around structure and subsurface snags where serious predators lurk. At 13 grams, it’s easy to cast, even if you want to ramp up the line class a little.

The Japanese are well known for their classy fishinh lure design and manufacture. The Tiemco Jumbo Cicada is a high performance, top shelf lure that epitomises Tiemco innovation and attention to detail.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 60mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Buoyancy:  Floating
  • Depth: Topwater
  • Action:  Crawl / Walk

Note: Price is for 1 lure only, images are for illustration only. Choose colour desired when ordering.


  • Big enough to attract big fish such as Murray Cod and Barra yet will also entice larger, aggressive larger sized Australian Bass.
  • As the lure floats, it is perfect for casting over structure such as submerged logs and branches; typical haunts of wily predators.
  • Well-considered colours allow you to match local bug colours and fit in with the environment and local conditions.
  • The walk or crawl action is achievable at very slow retrieves so you can keep your lure in the strike zone longer.
  • Imitates a bug struggling on the water. The soft plastic wings create an enticing disturbance on the topwater that fish simply cannot resist.
  • Realistic Cicada profile made from only the best materials by Japanese master lure designers and craftsmen.

Everybody loves the thrill of a topwater lure getting smashed. Hit the freshwater and cast up a storm with the Tiemco Jumbo Cicada lure for sale now. It’s perfect for huge Bass, Barra and the biggest of Murray cod. A genuine top shelf, high performance lure.   

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