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Supex Dutch Oven

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Product Description

Supex Dutch Oven Camp Oven

For many, the thought of camping will always bring back the memory of the incredible aromas wafting through the bush that are coming directly from the camp oven, cooking away beneath the coals of a roaring fire. It is the quintessential cooking style for family camping and camping with groups of all sizes. The variety of meals dishes that can easily be prepared is a spectacular. It seems that even the weekend BBQ warrior can become a Michelin star chef with some produce a good knife and a camp oven at their disposal.

The Supex Dutch Oven Camp Oven Range has a few sizes to pick from when ordering (prices varies depending on which model you choose) all are pre-seasoned camp ovens,  and all with lipped lids to hold the coals on top. The steel handles are very strong and durable and the evenly cast iron promotes wonderful, evenly cooked meals. The Supex Dutch Oven Camp Ovens have the perfect size in the range for you. Whether you are feeding the masses or simply need a cooker for two, Supex has your needs covered.  They’re a great price, so it may well be worth grabbing a couple if your budget allows, one each to suit specific applications.

Your Supex Dutch Oven Camp Oven will become an integral part of the family camping holidays. The memories of incredible meals will be as vivid as the one of dad bogging the car or falling in the river.  For the solo journeyman a more intimate relationship evolves as their camp oven becomes part of an evening ritual. Whatever you eat, however many you are in number, The Supex Dutch Oven Camp Oven should be a part of your camping ritual. If you think about it, you can smell it now.

Features and Specifications

  • Dutch oven lid lifter available separately
  • All ovens are pre seasoned and have a lipped lid
  • 2.5 quart:             Side dishes, vegetables, desserts, and sauces. Great for 2 or 3 people
  • 4.5 quart:             Side dishes, vegetables, beans, small roasts, desserts, and sauces
  • 9 quart:               Smaller rib roasts, small chooks, vegetables, stews, potatoes, and beans
  • 10 quart:              Oval style camp oven
  • 12 quart:              Large quantities of meat, stews, potatoes, rolls, breads, and desserts
  • 16 quart:              has the capacity to serve main meal sizes to over 40 people
  • Dutch Oven Lifter – available to purchase as an optional accessory

Note: Price is for 1 item only and prices will vary depending on which model you choose. Images are for illustration only.


  • Camp oven cooking truly capture the spirit and romance of camping
  • You can feed 1 to 40 or more people with the one oven depending which one you choose.
  • There is no better meal than that loving prepared in a camp oven on a perfect camp fire.
  • Simply magic for cold winter camping adventures. Cook Dampers, Stews, soups, roasts and more.
  • They’re incredibly strong. Look after it and they will be in your family for generations.

For many campers, it’s not camping unless there is a camp oven. The Supex Dutch Oven Camp Oven range are perfect. They’re affordable, for sale now and ready to become part of your family legend for generations to come.

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