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Storm Gomoku Popper Fishing Lure

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Product Description

Storm Gomoku Popper Fishing Lure

If you are a light line angler in Australia then the Storm Gomoku Popper fishing lure is exactly what you’re looking for. The Gomoku Poppers come in a wide range of colors created specifically to appeal to the fish found in Australia’s estuaries and freshwater areas. If you are fishing primarily for bass, there is a dark cicada pattern. Maybe you’re more the sand whiting fisherman, then you should try the clear prawn. No matter what you’re fishing for there is a lure to perfectly match the hatch you need to catch the fish you want.

The Storm Gomoku Popper fishing lure is only 4cm long and weighs a slight 3g but its aerodynamic design maximizes your casting distance despite the lures light weight.

The shallow cup face is subtle and creates an effective splash perfect for blooping over sand flats or in amongst a snag. The splash will help to ensure a quick aggressive strike from the fish you’re angling for.

These lures are ideal for floating and top water fishing and include hooks that are light gauge but chemically sharpened so that you catch the fish on the first bite. No more struggling and losing the fish because of faulty ineffective hooks.

The Storm Gomoku Popper lures are bound to attract any fish in the area guaranteeing you have a more productive day.

Features and Specifications

  • A broad variety of color range including translucent and holographic colors.
  • 4cm long
  • 3g weight
  • Floating and top water fishing
  • Hooks are light gauge chemically sharpened VMC

Note: Price is for 1 lure only - make your colour selection from our menu.



  • The color range offers poppers specifically for Australian fish found in estuaries and freshwater, including whiting, bream, and bass.
  • Translucent and holographic patterns mimic natural baitfish.
  • The aerodynamic design maximizes casting distance to get the most out of the small light weight lure.
  • The poppers shallow cup face creates an effective splash when blooped to help facilitate a strike from the fish you’re angling for.
  • The light gauge chemically sharpened VMC hooks guarantee that you won’t lose your catch once it is hooked.

Gomoku created a line specifically with the Australian angler in mind. Whether you’re angling for whiting, bream, or bass, the Storm Gomoku Popper fishing lures are bound to offer the design and quality you’re looking for. Gomoku is known for their expertise and quality and in no time you’ll be looking like a pro and catching your limit.

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