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Storm Arashi Fishing Lures (Model Deep 18)

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Product Description

Storm Arashi Lures - Deep Model ADP18 Fishing Lure For Cod, Barra etc

Catching a huge Murray Cod remains on top of the list of many Aussie fresh water anglers. This iconic and notoriously cantankerous fish, tends to eat anything that gets in its way, perhaps because of hunger, perhaps because of the grumpy mood, or perhaps because you were just in his way. This monster is no push over. Caught regularly at around the 50 to 60 cm mark, it should be remembered, the Murray Cod can grow to over a meter and a half and weight in excess of 100kg. While this is rare, he’s still out there.

Darker style hard bodies are a very popular choice for the Murray Cod hunter. The Storm Arashi Deep Model ADP18, in colours Dumble Door (#728) and Slick Scale (#729) is a fast track to Murray Cod action, with several features of this lure making it an ideal weapon. The fast dive, allows you to get the most out of deeper holes. The running depth of 5.5 meters gets you down to the strike zone. The self-tuning tie line means you can get in amounts the heavy structure, bump it about, and know you will still track straight. Brilliant finishes and a multi-ball, multi pitch rattle create an enticing commotion.

While a special for Cod, the Storm Arashi Deep Model will prove an excellent choice for big impoundment Barra. These notoriously fussy eaters will monster your Storm Arashi, providing thrilling action and excitement. The Premium VMC black nickel hooks and your angling skills will be the difference between legend and heartbreak. Are you up to the challenge?

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Storm Arashi Lure Deep 18 ADP18
  • Depth: 5.5m
  • Length: 7cm
  • Weight: 22g
  • Special Circuit board lip designed to make the lure dive fast
  • Super responsive  tail kicking action
  • Lure keeps running straight with the self tuning line tie
  • Super loud rattle system (multi ball)
  • Quality VMC black nickel treble hooks
  • Suitable For targeting Murray Cod, Barra, Black Bass

Note Price is for 1x Storm Arashi Lure only. Choose colour required when ordering. Images for illustration only. Model Is 18 Deep (you don't get 18 lures)


  • The circuit board lip is incredibly responsive, producing a super-fast dive.
  • The patent pending self-tuning line tie keeps Storm Arashi Lures tracking straight which is of particular advantage when fish deep in structure.
  • The darker colours we stock are the perfect colours for hunting our elusive Murray Cod but will also work wonders with impoundment Barramundi.
  • Premium VMC black nickel hooks secure your strike and provide a secure connection all the way to the boat.
  • The Multi-ball rattle for loud, variable pitch attracts attention and curiosity from quite the distance.
  • The fast dive allows anglers to maximise coverage of a deeper hole by getting the Arashi Fishing lure to the strike zone quickly and efficiently.

For many a fresh water angler, the Murray Cod remains one of our most iconic targets.  The Storm Arashi Lure Deep Model ADP18 for sale now, brings you right up to the Cods gaping mouth, hungry, and ready for an argument. The rest is up to you.

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