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Squidgy Wriggler Prawn Fishing Lures (65mm size)

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Product Description

Squidgy Wriggler Prawn Fishing Lures (packet of 6 lures)

Let’s face it. The prawn is just about the most important staple of many of our most famous fish species. It’s hard to think of a fishing application where a prawn won’t do the trick, or at least give you half a chance, even vegetarians like Luderick have been known to take the odd prawn. It’s certainly not uncommon to hear of Kingies over the 5kg mark and bigger, taking a humble prawn. Barra love them, Aussie Salmon, Tailor, Flathead, Bream, Jacks…It’s an endless list. This is why we have used prawns since we held our first cork hand line. The early artificial prawns left a lot to be desired. More gimmick that effective bait. These days however, the soft plastic revolution has delivered us a range of plastic prawns that have left the soft plastic fraternity gobsmacked with their astonishing ability to attract fish of all species…and in numbers.

The Squidgy Wriggler Prawn Fishing Lure is out there leading the pack. The Wriggler is part of the Squidgy Pro Prawn range. It is the smaller of the range and deadly on Bream, Flathead and Whiting, and just about anything with gills. The Wriggler is 65mm and will take a range of jig heads. Available in a few colours the Wriggler is ideal for just about any inshore application.

The Wriggler tail is incredibly exciting for a fish and impossible to leave alone. Add a smear or two of Squidgy S-Factor fish attractant and you will have the deadliest prawn in the harbour bar none. Suitable for ultra-light to light and medium fishing applications the Squidgy Wriggler Prawn is an excellent finesse bait. Coupled with the appropriate jig head you can fish a range of conditions and environments and, it’s just as happy down deep as it is being fished around the surface.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 65mm
  • Jig Head: Experiment, they will handle quite a range of hook sizes and weights
  • Style: Prawn, Wriggler Tail
  • Qty in packet: 6 lures

Note: Price is for 1 packet, images for illustration purpose only.



  • The squidgy wriggler prawn can be fished easily at all depths.
  • It’s a versatile lure. Most of your inshore species will find the Wriggler impossible to ignore.
  • This is a finesse bait and works beautifully on the increasingly popular light rigs.
  • Totally deadly when dabbed with a little S-Factor.

The Squidgies Wriggler Prawn Fishing Lures are general purpose wonders. That’s not to say you can’t get specific and hone in on a target, far from it. It is more owing to the fact that they mimic a prawn so beautifully that anything in the vicinity of the wriggler is going to make a b-line for that enticing tail. It looks like a prawn. So will you if you don’t have the full selection of colours in your kit. Put some in your trolley now.

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