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Squidgy Whipbait 200mm Size

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Product Description

Squidgy Whipbait big 200mm size

You’ve got to love Squidgies. As if they haven’t done enough already to see us bag out, fill our live tanks and eskies, as well as empty our wallets. They’ve designed a new super bait and we have to have a piece of everything they make. It’s not just because Starlo and Bushy are all over it, it’s because they are just so fantastic, and always beat off the competitors because they catch trawler loads of fish without a net in sight. Now Squidgy have a new fabulous soft plastic lure on the shelves, The Whip Bait. We have heard the new Squidgy Whip Baits were on the way and, of course, they’re living up to all the hype.

Squidgy say of their new Whip Bait, “Squidgies Whip Bait is our greatest lure design breakthrough in a decade and is setting the Australian fishing scene on fire!” This is not idle sales hype. The Whip Bait really is going crazy and the Squidgy Whipbait 200mm size is set to dominate the soft plastics designed for tackling monster fish. The old adage, “if you want big fish use big baits” just about always proves true. The 200mm Whip Bait is carving up the oceans for our biggest species. They are incredibly tough and durable as well as versatile. They are so versatile that you can toss them pretty well anywhere at anything and retrieve them in whatever way your imagination can conger.

Cast them into the wash for massive Yellowtail Kingfish. Be the toast of your fishing club for the year with a 20kg Cobia from the rocks. Hit the Blue Water for heart Stopping Yellowfin Tuna and feed the family for a month with a Spaniard longer than the angler is tall.

Stock up now. The Squidgies 200mm Whip Bait is for sale now and tearing off the shelves. Whip Bait is not as good as they say it is, it’s a heck of a lot better.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: 200mm
  • Packet Quantity: 2 Lures
  • Re-sealable packets
  • Big fish target
  • Multiple retrieve styles
  • Paddle Tail style
  • Can be used in place of natural baits

Note: Image for illustration only - price is for 1 packet - choose colour when ordering


  • Multiple retrieve style means you just can’t get it wrong. Whatever way you wind you will attract fish. Current alone will do enough to create enticing action.
  • The big 200mm size attracts massive fish. You will catch huge fish. There is no specific species, it attracts all of them.

Squidgies are awesome, and the Squidgy Whipbait 200mm are super awesome. Get some big 7/0 jig heads, rig up heavy and hang on. Fill your cart, you can’t possibly ever have enough Whip Baits. Big fures, for big fish.

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