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Squidgy Pro Slick Rigs - Soft Plastic Lures 80mm

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Product Description

Squidgy Pro Slick Rig 80mm (Pack Of 4 Lures)

If you don’t know Squidgy, you must be very new to fishing. No one could argue the impact the squidgy lure made on fishing in Australia. The Squidgy spelled the beginning of a lure fishing revolution. Squidgy did for fishing what spiked shoes did for sprinting, what the internet did for communications and what steam did for the industrial revolution. If you’re an avid lure angler who’s been around for a while, you’ll know this is no exaggeration. The excitement that Squidgy created was as intense for the anglers as it was for the fish they hunt.

While the Squidgy Slick Rig took the Barra traps by storm the big reason for the rise and rise of this ubiquitous plastic is that there are very few fish in our oceans that won’t attack these guys with unbridled aggression. The Squidgy Pro Slick Rig 80mm is a champion lure for big Flathead. It works brilliantly on Snapper, Barra and Jacks and will be irresistible to Queenfish and Trevally.

The beauty of the Squidgy Pro Slick Rig 80mm is that it comes complete and ready to attach to your leader. What’s more, the Pro range comes with S-Factor fish scent which is the fish attracting substance developed in the labs that turn fish into lure chomping maniacs. The Pro Slick 80mm, coupled with S-Factor fish attractant is just about the deadliest weapon any angler can have in their arsenal. It’s so simple. Take your lure from the bag, tie to your line, add the S-factor fish attractant and cast. Expect fish. Lots of them.

With 4 in a pack, for mere pocket change you can fill your tackle box. You can never have too many.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 80mm
  • The action is awesome. Combining shad, swim bait, T-tail features and its own special twist
  • Comes supplied with S-Factor fish attractant
  • Supplied complete with hooks and jig heads ready to connect to your leader and cast
  • Great in saltwater and fresh
  • Available in packets of 4 lures at an awesome price Just choose your colour option when ordering


  • The prime benefit is that you know you are purchasing a lure that has taken the world by storm and has gone from one success to the next.
  • S-factor fish attractant comes supplied. When you add S-factor to the squidgy you turn an awesome lure into the perfect lure, expect all hell to break loose.
  • The Squidgy Pro Slick Rig 80mm is at that size where it is the perfect weapon for a prodigious range of species.
  • The Squidgy Pro Slick Rig 80mm is your sure path to catching more fish. It’s proven itself time and again.

One could wax lyrical for hours about the success of the Squidgy. Countless testimonials are available to provide the evidence of its prowess in the water. The Squidgy Pro Slick Rig 80mm has to be a no brainer inclusion in your kit. Buy yourself a few packets of different colours now and fish like you have never fished before.

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