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Squidgy Paddle Prawn Fishing Lures (80mm size)

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Product Description

Squidgy Paddle Prawn Fishing Lures (packet)

There is something that Starlo says about the Squidgy pro Prawn Fishing Lures we should all listen to. “If it swims, you can catch it”. The paddle tail prawn is an 80mm lure that will take quite a range of jig head weights. The Squidgy Paddle Prawn is supremely versatile as it can be used in a varied range of locations and conditions and will excite the gills off just about anything within kooee distance. Most will agree, after a quick look, that it has Flathead food written all over it, but there’s little chance any prawn eating specialist like the Barra or Jack will be able to leave them alone for a second.

When you have a good idea of the depth you’ll be fishing the only tough decision when it comes to the paddle tail is the colour will you use. Firstly, as there are only a few in the range so if your budget allows for it then it would be best to own all colours, then you know you’re covered. Fish, particularly Barra can often been strangely choosy, and hard and fast colour rules don’t always apply. However, it’s always best to start by the book before you experiment and your best option is to go for much darker colour when the water is murky. When the water has a high level of clarity go for the lighter or more natural colours.

Before you cast, make sure you dab on some Squidgy S-Factor. This will turn your Squidgy Paddle Prawn Fishing Lure into a beast. It’s something akin to fishing with Dynamite. Make sure you get all the colours, then get out and experiment, mixing it up with different jig heads.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 80mm
  • Jig Head: Experiment, they will handle quite a range of hook sizes and weights
  • Style: Prawn, Paddle Tail
  • Quantity Per packet: 6 Lures

Note: Images are for illustration purposes only. Price displayed is for 1 pack only.



  • The Squidgy Paddle Prawn Fishing Lures have been tested and proven to be deadly on all of our famous species and more.
  • Ideal for both salt and fresh water.
  • Perfect for all of those species that have prawn as a staple in their diet.
  • The strong pronounced action of the paddle tail delivers a fish attracting sonic signature.
  • The ridges on the paddle tail retain S-Factor well while still allowing the scent to release into the water.

The Squidgy Paddle Prawn Fishing Lure is a classic for the fishing expedition with a target of a mixed bag. If it has gills, it’s sure to love it. Fish it deep or fish it shallow, fish light, medium or even go a little heavier. Depending on where you throw it just about anything is likely to attack with serious intent. Whether you’re hell bend on a specific target or pointing your stick at anything up for the challenge, the Squidgy Paddle Prawn Fishing Lure is your go to lure for a full keeper bag.

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