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Shimano Stradic CI4+ FB Reel (Small Sizes)

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Product Description

Shimano Stradic CI4+ FB Reel (Small Sizes) 1000 or 2500 Size Reel For Sale

Light Little size reels for inshore fishing (Lakes, Rivers Fresh or saltwater)

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The popularity of the Shimano Stradic range is not a result of clever marketing, its compelling good looks or pure accident. In short, it’s a very fine spin reel, right across the series, while remaining accessible to the majority of budgets. The Stradic flies off the shelf right across the globe. It has a dedicated fishing fan base, with even the most critical aficionado suggesting the Stradic CI4+, when rated in its class, is more or less beyond reproach.

It was a stunning fishing reel when it hit the market all those years ago, so many Shimano fans find it interesting, as well as exciting, that Shimano continue to refine and develop what was already an outstanding piece of kit. The New upgraded model is out being the FB series, and the market will need little convincing to upgrade.

The quality for dollar ratio has not changed, if anything it’s even better. The changes, at first glance, might seem subtle but the advance in performance is anything but. Overall weight of the Shimano stradic CI4+ 2500 and 1000 size reel has been reduced further. A move in the oscillation system and worm gear has reduced the centre of gravity providing a much lighter feel. The new MGL rotor is 22% lighter on both sides with a resulting 22% reduction in inertia. This feature, coupled with X-Ship to enhance gear durability makes cranking under load much easier. If that’s not enough, the big additions are Shimano Hagane gearing, providing awesome strength and smooth gear transition, and Shimano Coreprotect. Coreprotect helps to keep the internals of your reel free from water, dust and sand ingress.

The Shimano Stradic C14+ FB 1000 & 2500 spinning reels are a brilliant option for getting into finesse style fishing. For those advanced anglers, already well versed in the finer ‘art’ of finesse techniques, the new Stradic CI4 is an ideal way to expand your finesse spin arsenal without busting the bank. It’s lighter than ever, performance is uncompromising and you can cast these little legends at just about anything the inshore fishing grounds have to offer. Beat the rush, (and there will be a rush), and get yours now.


Features and Specifications

ModelMono Line Capacity approx.Approx braid Line capacityDrag (kg)Weight (g)
1000CI4+FB 2lb/270 yards, 4lb/140 yards, 6lb/110 yards 10lb/95, yards 15lb/85 yards 3.0 160
2500CI4+HGFB 6lb/200 yards, 8lb/140 yards, 10lb/120 yards 10lb/150 yards 15lb/145 yards 9.0 190
  • 6+1 Ball Bearings
  • Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
  • Strong Hagane Gearing coupled with Xship for durability
  • Coreprotect to help keep water and elements out
  • Magnumlite rotor giving an ultra light feel on each handle turn
  • G Free Body
  • AR-C Spool for longer more accurate casts
  • One Piece Bail
  • Aero Wrap 2 for better line lay

Note: Price is for 1 reel only: Prices vary on display depending on which model you click on from our order menu.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

While the 1000 CI4+ FB reel is a dedicated finesse model the 2500 CI4 FB really packs a punch well above its weight. Both sizes are ideal for freshwater or saltwater fishing styles such as lake, river and other light inshore applications targeting bream, Australian bass, trout, whiting, flathead and many other Aussie favourites. See our handy rod selection guide here for ideas on what rods to choose for your new Shimano Stradic CI4 reel and if you can’t decide or you’re in a spot of confusion, simply contact us for some additional assistance.


  • Coreprotect will keep all of the elements from aging your investment. Gears and bearings remain better protected from water ingress and the damage of gear grinding sand and dust.
  • Hagane gearing takes the Stradic 1000 and 2500 CI4 FB reel series into a new class. The power, strength and smoothness of transitions under load is the thing that has made the technology famous.
  • Ci4 technology has allowed for these reels to become amazingly small and incredibly light, but drag power and spool capacity provide anglers with the confidence they need to tackle, larger, more aggressive species.
  • The AR-C Spool provides exceptional casting potential. Exceptional distance and accuracy make you the angler better positioned to hopefully catch more, particularly when fishing with a balanced rig.

The Shimano Stradic C14+ FB 1000 & 2500 are mighty powerhouses in a compact design. The additional features on the 2016 Stradic make it a force to be reckoned with, competing with and beating spin reels that attract a much higher price tag. The new Stradic CI4 has assured the continuing popularity of this already much loved reel.  Buy yours today. We ship Australia and Worldwide.

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