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Shimano Ocea Braid EX8

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Product Description

Shimano Ocea Braid EX8 – Multi Colour Fishing Braid

Shimano Ocea EX8 is an 8-strand superior braid for the more advanced angler. Yes, the price tags match the pedigree of the product but the benefit of getting it is that it is engineered in Japan and constructed from highest quality Dyneema fibres, the diameters are now astonishingly thin. Diameter to strength ratio is such that now you can spool many metres more directly onto your spool.

The multi-coloured design allows for an accurate depth gauge, brilliant for jigging and getting the perfect spot in the water column every time. It is also ideal for those casting lures to be confident their return cast is right back into the strike zone. A silky-smooth finish allows it to peel though your guides with minimal friction ensuring casting lengths have improved significantly. A new reel size rating on the box provides a PE-for-reel recommendation. This is a very handy innovation from the engineers at Shimano.

 The best feature of all, is that you feel everything. Lure to handle to reel, you miss nothing, as the 1% elongation allows for the most delicate touch, even at depth in significant current.

 Shimano Ocea EX8 Braid, for top shelf only anglers. Grab a spool and get spooling now with Shimano’s best braid fishing line on the Australian market.


Features and Specifications

Product Description / Diameters (PE)Spool Lengths (Meters)Test (Pounds)
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 1 300m 20 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 1.2 300m 22.7 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 1.5 300m 28.3 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 2 300m 36.6 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 2.5 300m 38.1 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 3 400m 53.9 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 4 400m 61.8 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 5 400m 72.2 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 6 400m 86.3 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 8 400m 94.8 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 8 600m 94.8 approx
OCEA EX8 PREMIUM PE 10 500m 131.4 approx
  • Material:  8 strand PE Braid
  • Colour: Multi-Coloured
  • Made in:  Japan
  • Highest quality Dyneema fibres

Note: Price is for 1 spool of shimano Ocea Braid only – and price varies depending on which size spool you choose to purchase.


  • Excellence in all categories. There is nothing better to keep you connected to the fish and feel your lure.
  • Multi-coloured PE allows you to gauge depth easily. Those casting lures can determine length to increase accuracy.
  • Strength to diameter ratio has increased spool capacity. Less backing required.
  • Super smooth finish of Shimano Ocea Braid has resulted in increased casting distance. Brilliant for throwing poppers and stick baits.
  • Only 1% elongation under load. This means, that even at depth, you feel absolutely everything at the business end of the line

When nothing but the best braid in the business will do, choose Shimano Ocea Braid EX8 for sale now. A class above in all critical areas, EX8 provides a feel and connection like no other. Put a spool of Shimano Ocea Braid in your basket and spool up now.

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