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Shimano Casitas Baitcaster Reel

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Product Description

Shimano Casitas Baitcaster Reel For Sale

The Shimano Casitas Baitcaster Reel is built on the solid principal of efficiency in simplicity. New in 2015 the impetus for this brilliant, affordable baitcaster was to create a reel that was flexible in terms of application as well as an outstanding, beautifully balanced casting dynamo. Mission accomplished. The Shimano Casitas Baitcaster Reel does everything the hype suggested it would do.

This lightweight, low profile reel has aggressive styling and lines that make it look like a super weapon. And super weapon it is. It’s perfect for working all of your inshore applications and offers you flexibility. It’s ideal for line class of around 3kg but will accommodate a heavier class of line beautifully. Spool up with anything up to 15 kg braid and you’ll have 150 meters of line with which to cast hard bodies at Barra or big plastics for record size Lizards.

It’s the spool and breaking technology that make the Shimano Casitas Baitcaster Reel a dream to operate. The S3D spool technology provides a very uniform line lay. This provides a massive benefit to casting manners. Distance and accuracy are increased as the vibration is reduced significantly because of balanced, uniform spooling. The SVS infinity breaking system is fantastic. It allows you 6 different settings to refine your rig to match line class and lure weight to your target and conditions. These two features alone see the Shimano Casitas Baitcaster Reel punch well above its modest price tag.

Hit the rivers and estuaries for everything they have to offer. You have 6kg of drag to subdue the most belligerent of insure species. Remember, having just wrestled a 40cm Bream out of the racks, you can change up to target a bigger specimen of Mulloway on a big grub tail. It’s all about flexibility.

The Casitas Baitcaster Reel is pure Shimano brilliance at an affordable price. It’s ideal for the avid, experienced baitcaster user but also a wonderful way to enter the world of baitcaster fishing. It’s simply too easy. The Shimano Casitas Baitcaster Reel for sale now.


Features and Specifications

ModelMono CapacityApprox Braid CapacityGear Ratio
CAS 150HG 5kg/132m 30lb/135m 7.2:1
CAS 150 standard 5kg/132m 30lb/135m 6.3:1
  • Weighs a super light 212 grams approx
  • Shimano quality technology inclusions SVS Infinity, X-Ship, S3D and more.
  • Ball Bearings: 4+1
  • Max Drag: 5.5kg

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

Baitcasters are predominantly used in northern Australia for targeting barramundi and a host of other species. They are also common in southern states for targeting Cod or used as a light weight estuary boat reel. A Shimano Casitas reel will match up perfectly with a baitcaster fishing rod (See our online store for rod options here)



  • Incredible flexibility allowing you to own all aspects of inshore fishing.
  • Awesome casting manners thanks to the SVS and SD3 technology.
  • Plenty of drag that allows Casitas to punch well above its considerably light weight.
  • An ideal choice for the angler new to Baitcasters but refined enough to impress the most experienced baitcaster user.
  • Styling is modern, sleek and aggressive. The casitas is a fishing reel you will be proud to hold.

The Shimano Casitas Baitcaster Reel is a beautiful reel. It has all the technology you would expect in a Shimano but also includes some extras you would assume only comes standard on models with a higher price tag. Highly recommended, buy yours here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

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