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Shimano Aerowave Composite (12ft) Fishing Rods

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Product Description

Shimano Aerowave Graphite Composite Surf Fishing Rods – 12 foot size

There are still a huge number of beach and rock anglers who have a preference for the rod actions that might well be considered a bygone era. The Shimano Aerowave Graphite Composite Surf Rods have been designed to address this very issue. The traditionalist can now have the rod action they are accustomed to, while enjoying the benefits of modern materials technology.

Benefits include modern ferule design that allows for the transport and storage convenience of a 2 piece without any compromise in blank integrity. This series provides split EVA Butt assemblies. Two of the models sporting the new Counter Weight Balance system for outstanding casting length and smoothness while the other three have the traditional wooden sand spike.

X-Shrink is included on the EVA grips providing and even more comfortable, connected grip, while the Fuji Alu-Oxide guides provide the durability anglers seek when fishing the harsh conditions of the rocks and beach. Shimano Custom Reel seats lock your favourite fishing reel on nice and tight revealing a noticeable absence of twist and movement.

The Shimano Aerowave Graphite Composite Surf Rods for sale now will be brilliant up against all of our surf and rock classic species. Point your Aerowave at Tailor, Mulloway, Bream, Whiting, Aussie Salmon, Dart Drummer and more. Your Aerowave will prove a consistent performer, strong, powerful and with excellent feel.

Check the spec below, select your idea Shimano Aerowave Graphite Composite Surf Rods and drop it in your shopping trolley.


Features and Specifications

ModelFeaturesLine Rating KGLength (m/ft)PiecesLure weight (oz)
12SURFM Surf Medium
Rubber butt
5-8kg 3.66/12ft 2 (splits in half) 1-4
12SURFH Surf Heavy
Rubber Butt
6-12kg 3.66/12ft 2 (splits in half) 2-6
12WBM Surf Medium
Wooden sand spike butt
5-8kg 3.78/12ft 2 (splits in half) 1-4
12WBMH Surf Med-Heavy
Wooden sand spike butt
6-10kg 3.78/12ft 2 (splits in half) 2-5
12WBH Surf Medium
Wooden sand spike butt
6-12kg 3.78/12ft 2 (splits in half) 2-6
  • Type:     Suitable For Surf and Rock Fishing
  • Blank:     Graphite composite
  • Grips:     EVA
  • Action:     Medium Fast
  • Reel Seat:     Shimano Custom
  • Guides: Fuji Alu-Oxide

Note: Images are for illustration only – differences may occur between models. Price is for 1 rod only. Choose which one you desire when ordering.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Reel Suggestion Guide

The Aerowave graphite composite series of rods are primarily designed for beach fishing. Target anything from whiting through to salmon, tailor and mulloway. For reel size we suggest using a shimano 10,000-20,000 size reel. (on the medium models the 10,000 size would be best) in other brands other than Shimano you may consider a 6000, 7000, 8000, 60, 70, 65, 75 sized spinning reel.


  • The counter weight balance system is an outstanding innovation creating the potential for a much longer and even smoother cast.
  • Fuji Alu-Oxide guides are the perfect choice for the rock and beach environment. Tough, durable and able to handle the constant assault from the elements.
  • The Graphite composite blanks provides the angler with more traditional preferences in rod action to enjoy the action to which they are accustomed while enjoying modern technological inclusions.
  • The wooden spike option (should you choose a model with one) in the butt assembly will appeal to those traditional surf and rock anglers. The timber construction is super hardwearing coping easily with the abrasion of the sand and the impact of the rocks.
  • The 2 piece construction is ideal for such long rods. Transport and storage are a breeze as is assembly and break down.

The Shimano Aerowave Graphite Composite Surf Rods are a sure sign Shimano is dedicated to providing outstanding equipment to all of their fans. The composite blank will prove very attractive to the traditionalist and is available at a great price right now.

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