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Sebile Splasher 120 Popper Fishing Lure

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Product Description

Sebile Splasher Popper 120 Fishing Lure

The Sebile Splasher Popper 120 Fishing Lure is a very unique topwater lure that combines the actions of three different types of conventional fishing lures; walkers, poppers, chuggers, and combines them into one incredible surface fishing lure that is irresistible to the large predator fish species.

Sebile Splasher Popper 120 Fishing Lure has a ‘Power Keel’ under its flattened belly that allows it to slice accurately through the water while using the ‘walk the dog’ or ‘zig-zag’ technique during slow retrieval to really entice fish that are being finicky and not biting.

A specially designed large mouth with a deep bowl/dish shape that creates some impressive splashing for its size to draw the attention of big fish is one of the stand out features. The Sebile Splasher Popper 120 Fishing Lure imitates small fish feeding on the surface of the water, and creates realistic spitting and popping sounds that the big fish listen for when on the hunt.

Features and Specifications

♦   Model – The Sebile Splasher Popper 120 Fishing Lure

♦   Combines three popular lure designs into one amazing lure

♦   Full Single Piece Stainless Steel through wire construction

♦   4-3/4” Length - 120mm

♦   1-1/2 oz - 42 grams

♦   Used for topwater fishing

♦   Line test recommended use at between 12-40lbs

Note: Price is for 1 lure only – make your selection from our menu.

Fishing Applications

The Sebile Splasher Popper 120 Fishing Lure is made for bigger fish that feed on topwater such as Black Bass, Australian Salmon, Tailor, Bonito, Giant Trevally, Queenfish, Kingfish and even Barracuda to name a few. The Sebile Splasher Popper 120 Fishing Lure is the perfect lure for these types of species because it mimics small fish prey so well that it actually encourages strikes. Experience the thrill of topwater fishing and get more strikes with the Sebile Splasher Popper 120 Fishing Lure.

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♦   Creates realistic and loud popping sounds during splashing that attract monster fish. The 120 size is a great allround size for a wide variety of fish species.

♦   Power Keel proprietary design slices through water making it easy to get a zig-zag action or walk that predator fish find irresistible.

♦   Casting distance is tremendous and creates huge predator fish attracting splashes for its size.

♦   An easy to use surface lure because of its innovative design and will not put a strain on anglers.

♦   Very responsive to gentle rod actions imitating leisurely swimming or feeding of small fish, or with more aggressive rod action, can imitate a distressed, struggling, or wounded and vulnerable small fish which draw predators.

If you appreciate quality and want a fishing lure with explosive action that entices a wide range of fish to have a strike then you have found your perfect choice. Purchase a Sebile Splasher Lure 120 model here at fishing tackle shop.

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