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Sebile Bonga Jerk 125 Fishing Lure

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Product Description

Sebile Bonga Jerk 125 Fishing Lure

The Sebile Bong Jerk 125 model is known for its lifelike, realistic shape and structure which helps the angler attract more fish than he is usually capable of, with other baits. The menhaden shape and power keel help in attracting almost all kinds of predator fish species.

The Power Keel in Sebile Bong Jerk 125 model enables it to cut through the waters effortlessly with an unbelievable realistic stroke and dexterity. The bait pounces sporadically with each jerk that the angler sends and then gradually convalesces in a gliding movement as it produces violent strikes. With its rhythmic, gliding movement, the Sebile Bong Jerk Fishing Lure 125 model is ideal for trolling action. The wire assemblage is capable of standing even the strongest attacks by predators.

Whether an angler wants to troll straight or with outriggers, the Bonga jerk lure performs incredibly well which makes it an ideal bait for various kinds of fishing situations letting the angler use it with all kinds of different trolling spends from super fast to very slow.

Any angler who used the Bonga Jerk for the first time is bound to fall in love with it for its flawless luring action. It is a great investment as it can be used in a wide range of situations and fishing environments.

Features and Specifications

♦   Model: Bonga Jerk 125

♦   Perfect for anglers who are trying to catch Large Mackerel, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna or Giant Trevally (GT).

♦   Suitable for boat fishing (Trolling) or casting

♦   Effortless and easy trolling up to around 15 knots

♦   Especially made for floating and gliding action

♦   Sturdy wire construction which ensures durability

♦   Weight: 60 gm

♦   Size: 125 mm

♦   Surface diving action down to about 1 metre

Note: Images are for Illustration purpose only – lures are rigged ready to fish with hooks and the price displayed is for 1 lure only



♦   The Sebile Bong Jerk 125 Lure is an extraordinarily durable and lifelike, lipless bait which is known particularly for its stop-and-go action. In tranquil and calm waters a strong jerk will make it go down deeper into the current. An angler can easily bring it to action by elevating it upwards with a jerk and then letting it settle down in the water slowly and repeating the action by letting the bait rest in between every rest and the next jerk.

♦   Most of the times, baits get ruined by fish bites. With the Sebile Bong Jerk 125 model’s wire construction, one doesn’t have to worry about fish bites ruining the bait so much.

♦   The Sebile Bong Jerk 125 model’s structure looks very realistic. This realistic structure also helps the angler in the creation of strong commotions and its suspension in the waters for a reasonable amount of time. As the water surface becomes restless with the movement of the bait’s tail, fish come to attack the bait and end up getting caught. This feature makes it not only a perfect bait for surface level casting, but also ideal for underwater action.

Get the Sebile Bong Jerk 125 model today to enhance your angling action.



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