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Schneider Fishing Line Klear Green

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Product Description

Schneider Fishing Line Klear Green (Choose from either 300 metre spools or 500 metre spools)

Take a look at the shelves of any tackle store and the mind boggles at the sheer volume of fishing line for sale. In many respects, selecting a line that’s right for you has only been complicated by the sheer volume of line available. One would have thought that such competition would have allowed for significant price benefits for anglers but often, the competition between line manufacturers is about who can be the most expensive and claim the most revolutionary design.

Fishing line, particularly mono, is not a complicated affair. You want, reliable knot strength, low stretch, a soft feel, limited memory and the test weights to be true to billing with the smallest diameters possible.

Take a look at Schneider Fishing Line Klear Green for sale now. It offers all the qualities listed above, that traditional mono anglers would wish for in a fishing line. Moreover, you get the great features without having to take out a mortgage to spool a couple of spin or overhead fishing reels. It’s available from 4lb to 35lb in 500m and now 300 meter spools (price is for 1 spool of Schneider fishing line only and varies in depending on the lb and length selected from our order menu.

Applications are broad. From inshore finesse style fishing, freshwater and saltwater, all the way to serious pelagic species that inhabits the deep blue ocean.


Features and Specifications

lb / KgDiameter (mm)Spool Length (m)
4 / 1.8 0.20 300 / 500
6 / 2.7 0.25 300 / 500
9 / 4.1kg 0.30 300 / 500
12 / 5.4 0.35 300 / 500
15 / 6.8 0.40 300 / 500
20 / 9.1 0.45 300 / 500
25 / 11.3 0.50 300 / 500
30 / 13.6 0.55 300 / 500
35 / 15.9 0.60 300 / 500
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low memory
  • Super strong
  • Excellent knot strength
  • Made in EU

Note: price is for 1 spool of line only.  Choose size and length when ordering (prices vary depending on the size & length chosen and will display upon selection from our order menu)


  • Great spool lengths for value and filling all your reels economically.
  • Soft mono for easy knots and knots you can rely on.
  • Low stretch for excellent feel and feedback.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance protects means fewer bust ups from teeth, and allows you to fish aggressively into the structure.

Get out on the water and fish hard with Schneider Fishing Line Klear Green. Packed with all the features you want in a mono and at a price that will see your pocket sigh in relief.

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