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Samaki Choona Jig Lure

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Product Description

Samaki Choona Jig – Jigging Lure for Kingfish, Tuna, Cobia, and more

The Samaki Choona Jig has features that make it nothing short of deadly in the deep blue, bouncing the bottom and exploring reef and structure. The most significant feature is the action, brought about by the unique shape, construction and centre balancing.

It is said that most jigging requires the angler to do most of the work. 90% of the action on a jig is created by the effort and skill of the angler. The Samaki Choona Jig turns the tables however, making it astonishingly easy to generate peak performance. In this case, the jig does 90% of the work, the angler 10%. Now that is music to any jig angler, aware of the arm and back strain of working a jigging lure at depth.

Drop the Samaki Choona Jig at anything on the reef. Will be a special for big Snapper and other reef species. Tuna will also love them, Blue Fin and Yellow Fin. There are other pelagic species such as Kingfish, Cobia and the like that will monster these guys as they drop deeper through the water column.

Colours are spectacular, inviting interest from a broad range of species often timid where lures are concerned. It is the darting flutter action that the Samaki Choona Jig does all by itself that generates the instinctive reactions from predators. They attack first, ask question later. By this time, the assist hook has penetrated deep, and you are potentially in a battle with a Yellow Tail Kingfish over the 10kg mark. Grab one or a selection of Samaki Choona Jigs now, and get into battle.

Features and Specifications

  • 80 grams, 100 grams or 150 grams size available
  • Centre Balanced for Action
  • Pre-Rigged with Premium Assist Hook and Japanese Kevlar
  • Jigging Lure for Kingfish, Tuna, Cobia, Snapper and more. (Boat Fishing Lure)
  • Price Is for 1 lure only. Choose size/colour required when ordering. Images for illustration only.


  • The most significant benefit is that the Samaki Choona Jigging Lure does 90% of the work for you. You don’t have to work the rod as hard to generate the action and therefore less skill and experience are required.
  • The Choona Jig is proven to entice reef species on the chew that a notoriously shy of jigs of all types. This creates more excitement and mystery while bouncing the bottom.
  • The centre balance creates the amazing action which makes the jig flutter and dart as it sinks to the strike zone.
  • The Premium Assist Hook ensures you hook up makes it to the boat and that each strike converts to a hook-up.

The Samaki Choona Jigging lure for sale now is a brilliant design that takes out all the hard effort of imparting action on your jig. Fluttering jigs catch more fish, more often, and particularly at depth as you bounce the bottom. Put a Jig lure in your shopping trolley now.

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