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    A small top water lure that packs a mean pop. Custom-designed ...

Rapala Ultra Light Pop Lure

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Product Description

Rapala Ultra Light Pop Fishing Lure – Small Popper for Whiting, Bream, Bass and more For Sale

We don’t know if there is more fun standing than throwing poppers at fish of all species. We need to get rid of the idea that poppers need to be big and cast from the rocks and boats at blue water pelagics. There are a heap of great Aussie fighting fish that will love the Rapala Ultra-Light Pop. Whiting, Flathead, Bass and Bream are just the beginning. Trick is, you need to fish light and hunt the right areas.

This is a pretty small popper as far as poppers go. The lip is cupped but the bottom is shaved so it disturbs the surface by skimming water and displacing it into a large splash or bubble. This will excite the Loch Ness Monster from 30 fathoms at least. Ok. So you’re not fishing in Loch Ness which is probably just as well as the striking finish and colours, including the 3D super lifelike eye would prove irresistible to Nessie.

Cast it at shallow banks early in the morning for Flathead, Whiting and Bream. They’ll be sitting there in what is only centimetres of water. The disturbance created by your Rapala Ultra-Light Pop will drive them crazy. Cast under over hanging trees, Bass in the fresh and Brackish will attack these lures with their customary, freakish aggression, nearly guaranteeing hook-ups every strike.

The action will prove irresistible. The unique Rapala design has ensured that the Rapala Ultra-Light Pop swims with more action than any other Popper of its size. Select your colour and get popping for a whole host of fish you never thought would visit the rarefied air of the Aussie top water. For sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: 4cm
  • Natural Pattern colours
  • Eyes are 3D/Holograpgic
  • Deep Cupped Lip, Thin, Flat Chin
  • Depth: Surface Lure – Popper / blooper
  • Hooks: Quality VMC Black Nickel – round bend style
  • Suitable for fishing in lakes, rivers, sand flats, bays, around structure etc. Fresh or saltwater.
  • Ideal for targeting, Flathead in shallow flats, Australian Bass, Bream, Whiting, Perch and more.

Note: Images for reference only – Price is for 1 lure choose the colour you like when ordering.


  • Brilliant for casting a very shallow banks in the rivers, bays and canals. Cast at drop overs where the bank is shallow but falls away markedly and suddenly. This lure is designed perfectly to suit.
  • The colours and finish will prove irresistible to even the laziest well fed fish.
  • Incredible action and surface disturbance for a lure of this size.

The Rapala Ultra-Light Pop is the bee’s knees of light gear popper action. There is a colour or so in the range that will suit your local fishing spot perfectly. Grab one or a few and place them in your shopping basket and lighten up for some awesome surface fun.

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