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Pakula Paua Jet Head Lures (Extra Small Sizes)

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Product Description

Pakula Paua Jet Head extra Small Sizes

The Extra Small Pakula Paua Jet Head is a lure that packs a whole lot of noisy visual action into a small lure. The bubble trail created by the uniquely styled head is a proven fish magnet. Staying in touch with Peter Pakula and his lure development is important. There is constant development and always improvement. It’s a sign of Pakula Tackle dedication to their customers that while current models are profoundly successful, a chance to develop and improve is never left on the table. The heads constantly evolve.

Peter Pakula is always quick to remind big fish blue water anglers that the Extra Small option is an important inclusion in the kit. On gear as light as 4kg you can tackle and have a lot of fun with a wide range of sports and light game fish. However, Monster Blue marlin and Black marlin will also have a go at the little skirted trolling lures too. If you want to play it safe, feel free to fish heavy, your lure will perform just as well and you might even hang on to a few more lures if you up the line class.

Features and Specifications

  • Extra Small Sized (See further details on sizes below in specs for each model)
  • Pakula Impact Resistant Hothead Head design
  • Skirted Lure suitable for trolling - Ideal for tuna, salilfish, dorado and other game fish

Note: Images are for illustration purpose only – price is for 1 lure simply choose the head, then colour then add to cart

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Paua Jet Micro Sprocket

  • Length: 186mm / 7.25 inches
  • Recommended Hook Size : Size 25 Dojo Hooks (Not included)
  • Min Class: 4kg / Recommended Leader: 100lb
  • Position: Long Rigger
  • Main Colours: Lumo, Illusion, Evil Angel
  • Paua Jet Micro Sprocket is a longrigger but will tow brilliantly in any position. From the calm to light chop it will attract a lot of fish and, usually, much bigger than you had anticipated

Paua Jet 15 (7 Inch Bullet)

  • Length: 178mm / 7 inches
  • Recommended Hook Size : Size 25 Dojo Hooks (Not included)
  • Min Class: 4kgRecommended Leader: 100lb
  • Position: All
  • Main Colours: Fallen Angel, Frigate, Gold Yakka
  • The 7 inch Bullet is designated as a great lure for beginners. It is a subsurface swimmer so positioning is not critical. Too easy.


  • Superb quality and finish. Tried and tested in the most demanding fishing grounds
  • The perfect way to ensure you have an appealing bait for the smaller game
  • Tows well on heavier kit
  • Even though they are very small they are attractive to larger predators
  • The bubble trail created a very attractive visual incentive for the fish

A good selection of extra small Pakula Paua Jet Heads is a wise move for the Game angler looking to cover all bases. They are appealing to smaller fish but just as attractive to the monsters. Run them in concert with the big boys. For sale now.



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