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Oztrail Tyre Repair Kit

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Product Description

Oztrail Tyre Repair Kit

There is one thing you can be assured of if you head out of the beaten track on a 4WD adventure. At some point you will get a puncture. We are still amazed just how often we see and hear of off-roaders that don’t have a puncture repair kit let alone know how to use one. Think back to your childhood. One of the first repair jobs you ever learned to undertake was fixing a puncture on your pushbike. This is an essential repair kit for all off-roaders, as is knowing how to use it.

The Oztrail Tyre Repair Kit has all the tools and components you need to effect repairs on a punctured tyre. Trust us, this kit is not optional. The first time you hit the dirt may be the time you need it and it may well happen within the first 10 meters of leaving the tarmac. You can’t just rely on your spare. What do you do if having just fitted your spare following a nasty puncture and a km or two down the track you get another puncture. Don’t for a minute think this is unlikely. This very scenario is the reason you see experienced off-roaders with at least two spare tyres as well as their puncture kit. Two punctures in quick succession is far more common than you might imagine.

Carry an Oztrail Tyre Repair Kit and you have plenty of puncture repairs in the one kit. It is a brilliant safety practice and just makes good off-roading common sense. A strong word of warning however. The last place you want to learn puncture repair is out on the road. The conditions might be far less than comfortable at the very least and worse still, you may find you’re not quite sure what you are doing and perform a botched operation. When you get your kit, do a practice repair on an old tyre. Do several, you’ll be glad you did. Come your first off-road puncture, you’ll be very glad you purchased an Oztrail Tyre Repair Kit. Price is irrelevant. It is essential.

Features and Specifications

Kit contains:

  • 1 x Solid metal T handle spiral reaming tool
  • 1 x Solid metal T handle cord insertion tool (spare tip included)
  • 30 x Self vulcanising repair cords
  • 1 x repair cord lubricant
  • 1 x Tube of tyre glue
  • 1 x Trimming knife
  • 2 x Allen keys


  • With an Oztrail Tyre Repair Kit you won’t find yourself stuck and in need of assistance because of a simple puncture.
  • Feel the independence of being able to take care of simple repairs yourself. Learn the basics of bush mechanics.
  • With this kit, you will have all you need to take care of a simple puncture and get your vehicle mobile again.

The Oztrail Tyre Repair Kit is ESSENTIAL recovery gear. Don’t be one of those off-road people that gets into trouble by heading out without the essentials. Kit up with Oztrail and head out equipped and prepared.



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