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Oztrail Spare Wheel Bin & Accessory Bag

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Product Description

Oztrail Spare Wheel Bin & Accessory Bag

Most of us have seen 4Wdrives all set up for touring. On many of them you will see, draped on the Spare wheel, a non-descript looking back with heaven knows what in it. But it looks dirty, not bad dirty, but a compelling dirty that indicates it’s been somewhere that’s too much fun for words. Well, Oztrail have invented their own version of this particular utility bag and it’s the absolute deluxe of the top shelf must have. The Oztrail Spare Wheel Bin & Accessory Bag provides you with a 60 litre main compartment plus two generous side storage pockets. The purpose for this bag is entirely up to you but what you can say for certain is that 60 plus litres of extra storage that has no impact on interior or rooftop storage is an outstanding addition to any touring 4WD.

It’s perfect for recovery gear. The easy access makes it an ideal storage place, particularly when you are travelling terrain that is likely to demand recovery equipment. The heavy duty construction resists water, mud and dust keeping contents secure. Snatch straps, tow ropes, d-clamps, tyre repair kits and other 4WD accessories are there on hand without having to rummage through the car, trailer or roof racks. Often, a good vehicle recovery can determined by the speed and ease at which you can set up the recovery solution. Nobody like to take their time when the car is stuck half way across a croc infested river.

Many will find it useful for storing and carrying rubbish that cannot be disposed of at the last camp site. There is nothing worse than carrying rubbish inside the vehicle with you, particularly with food scraps. The Oztrail Spare Wheel Bin & Accessory Bag is an ideal temporary bin. It simply hoses down for an effective clean. More space for ‘stuff’ is ideal when it impacts on no other valuable space in the vehicle. The Oztrail Spare Wheel Bin & Accessory Bag is a fantastic accessory and a must have for those that are always looking for that little bit extra storage. Get yours now.

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 65 x 50 x 62.5 cm
  • Huge 60 Litre Capacity
  • Also has 2 generous size side pockets
  • Design is resistant to dust, sand, mud, water and more
  • Heavy duty zips and dust protector flaps included
  • Harness mounting system designed to fit most spare wheel mounts
  • Durable hard wearing materials


  • Great spot for recovery gear and STUFF. One thing you can never have enough of is well located positions to put ‘stuff’.
  • Easy access yet great protection for contents.
  • Ideal space for rubbish when leaving a camp site. Keeps smelly stuff out of the camper or vehicle.
  • Built to handle the dirt, mud, dust and sun and cleans easily with a simple hose down.
  • Huge capacity and super strong.

This is an easy way to add over 60 litres worth of storage to our vehicle without taking up a millimetre of space inside. The Oztrail Spare Wheel Bin & Accessory Bag is the perfect quick access utility bin designed with the active off-roader in mind.

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