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Okuma Epix Baitfeeder Fishing Reel V2

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Product Description

Okuma Epix Baitfeeder Fishing Reel v2

The Baitfeeder is a spin reel designed specifically for fishing with live or flesh baits. This does not however preclude the use of lures. The Baitfeeder is designed to let the reel free spool as the fish departs with the bait in its mouth. The fish senses no feeling of resistance, so is not spooked into dropping the bait before he tries to eat it or the hooks are set. The Okuma Epix V2 is a fabulous example of the Baitfeeder system. Available in  a few well considered sizes, you have the inshore waters completely covered, including the surf and ocean rocks, as well as some blue water applications.

The 40 and 55 will be brilliant for chasing massive flathead using a live poddy mullet. Big Mulloway respond aggressively to live baits and the 65 model will be ideal baited with a live or whole dead squid or a live Slimy. Take your 65 offshore, also baited with live Slimy, or Yakka for that matter, and you’ll entice big Trevally, Mackerel and a whole host of Aussie sports fish. The 30 is nigh on perfect for baiting up with live Yabbies and drifting across drop overs, or casting the hills and hollows in sandbanks for big Whiting, Bream, Dart and Flathead.

The Baitfeeder is great for the angler wanting to relax a bit. Just cast, set, and wait. When the fish runs off with your bait, pull the lever and your rear drag will cut in. So simple, so effective.

Features and Specifications

  • Bait Feeder style fishing reel  - flick the rear switch to disengage main drag
  • Aluminium Spool
  • Body Material: Graphite
  • Ball Bearings 4+1
  • Version: Epix V2
  • Drag system: Multi disk

Note price is for one epix reel only and varies depending on which model you choose to purchase

ModelGear RatioLine Capacity approx (line diameter kg/mm)
Epix 30 5.0:1 0.20/220, 0.25/140, 0.30/100
Epix 40 5.0:1 0.30/170 0.35/130 0.40/100
Epix 55 4.5:1 0.35/260 0.40/200 0.50/120
Epix 65 4.8:1 0.35/330 0.40/260 0.50/160

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Okuma Epix Baitfeeders are especially great for fishing with live or dead baits for species like snapper and mulloway but will work for any other form of bait fishing.

We suggest if choosing the Epix 30 or 40 size reel to match it up on a fishing rod around the 7ft in length size with a line rating of 4kgs+ both of these sizes are mostly suited to inshore fishing such as lakes and rivers but will also suit light offshore.

If choosing either the 55 or 65 size you are primarily equipping yourself with a larger size reel so a heavier boat rod with a rating of 10kg+ will be your best choice or a 10-12ft surf/rock rod with a line rating of 6kg+


  • The Patented bait feeder one touch lever clutch system is incredibly simple to use. Simply touch the lever when it’s time to set the hooks and the rear drag will take over.
  • The Baitfeeder system is a fabulous way to revisit the joys of fishing with live baits. Lures are great of course, but nothing beats the feel of a big fish running off with your livies
  • The Graphite body and rotor ensure your reel is strong and rigid enough to deal with bigger, more aggressive fish.
  • The multi disk rear drag system will work beautifully in tandem with your Baitfeeder system. There’s more than enough grunt to kill a decisive run

The innovation and inclusions designed into the Okuma Epix v2 Baitfeeder is reason enough to add on to your spin reel arsenal. The value and back up of a generous warranty period should really seal the deal. They’re priced to sell, for sale now and represent excellent value for money.

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