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Ocean Storm Fish Lip Gripper

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Product Description

Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle - Lip Gripper

The lip gripper is a great invention that has changed the way anglers retrieve fish from the water. The Ocean Storm Lip Gripper will ensure that all fish are handled as little as possible and have the greatest chance of survival, which is especially with the growing emphasis on catch and release fishing.

The lip gripper works by grasping the lower jaw of the fish with 2 stainless steel lip grip jaws, keeping control of the head of the fish and allowing the fish to be lifted out of the water with minimal handling. The integrated scale means that you can easily check the weight of the fish before releasing without injuring the fish at all.

To use, insert hand through the lanyard and grasp the EVA grip in your palm. With your forefinger and middle finger pull back on the black trigger which will open the lip grip jaws. Place the jaws around the fish’s lower jaw and release the trigger, causing the jaws on the lip grip to spring shut and hold the fish. The higher the weight placed on the jaws, the harder they will grip down ensuring that all fish are held securely. To release the fish, place the fish back in the water and simply pull back on the trigger again, opening the lip gripper jaws and allowing the fish to swim free.

Features and Specifications

  • Manufactured using marine grade stainless steel
  • Integrated 15kg scale
  • Non slip EVA handle grip
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Ensures best chance of survival for the fish
  • Keeps anglers hands away from teeth and spines
  • Lanyard included


  • The Ocean Storm Lip Grippers are the perfect complement to catch and release fishing, taking greater care of the fish and ensuring the best chance of survival when released. These lip grips work by harmlessly gripping onto the fish’s lower jaw, allowing the fish to be lifted out of the water without wearing away the protective slime coat or puncturing the fish. As the head of the fish is controlled, it is easier to reduce the struggling of the fish which further reduces the injuries sustained.
  • Another benefit of the Ocean Storm Lip Gripper is that it keeps the anglers hands away from sharp teeth and spines as well as the hooks, and the fact that the head of the fish is controlled further reduces the chance of injuries to the angler. Another area where the Ocean Storm Lip Gripper shines is when it comes to landing fish in very cold conditions, allowing fish to be held with numb hands, and at the same time helping to keep hands dry.
  • Constructed out of marine grade stainless steel and heavy duty plastic, the Ocean Storm Lip Gripper is sturdy enough to handle all your fishing tasks.

Easy to use, great protection for our sportfish and greater protection for the angler are all reasons to throw an Ocean Storm Lip Gripper in your cart today.

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