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Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clips

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Product Description

Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clip – Tackle or lure clip (packet)

Clips have a pretty mixed reputation. Many anglers absolutely swear by them. Others are more cautious, preferring a more pragmatic approach to lure and rig connections. Most anglers will have a story of how a clip has inexplicably uncoupled from the rig or lure, resulting in the loss of the best fish ever.

Mustad continually refine terminal tackle design with the sole purpose of ensuring you catch more fish. The Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clip is the latest innovation in fishing clips and is proving to be a revelation. The first feature is the ease at which lures and rigs can be changed. It’s a very fast process. The speed of a lure change is often critical, particularly when you are going through your lure arsenal, trying to see which lure the fish you are casting at will respond to. Without a method for quick change, the fish will often move on before you have tied the knot on your second lure.

The Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clip is the ultimate connection. There is no way the lure can become disconnected. Even if the clip is taking mouth pressure from the fish, there is no ‘latching’ system that can come undone via pressure.

The Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clip for sale now is available. If your budget can afford it we suggest Grabbing a couple of test weights, test the veracity of the lofty claims, and never lose a fish to clip failure or slow lure change again.

Features and Specifications

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Ideal for quick change on most lures or tackle
  • Mustad Fastach Clip System
  • Model we sell is snap only (swivel not included)
Clip SizePieces in packetTest Weight (lb)
Size 0 12 15
Size 1 12 25
Size 2 12 50
Size 4 10 100
Size 5 8 150

Note:  Price is for 1 Packet only - choose size required when ordering


  • Allows for super-fast lure and rig changes.
  • Stainless construction ensures a long working life.
  • Lure or rig is completely secure. There is no compressed latched mechanism that can come undone in the heat of battle.
  • Saves a tremendous amount of time rigging, which means you have more time in the water which will translate to more fish in the boat.
  • Ideal for a multitude of rigs and rigging styles.

Mustad is the master innovator when it comes to terminal tackle. There are many style of clips on the market but the Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clip looks to be the first clip that is fool proof and fish proof. Grab a pack or two know and put them in your shopping trolley.

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