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Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

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Product Description

Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

It’s a bird, It’s a plane… No it’s an amazing and quite unique new soft plastic lure and it has hit Australian shores. From the makers of Mikado Fishing Tackle comes the revolutionary Flying Fishunter Lure.

Starting off with the body, it’s a jerk shad style lure with a hole in the centre you can either fish the lure as is or you can incorporate a wing set for even deadlier and spectacular results. Simply feed a set of wings through the hole.

Sold as Packet of 5 bodies  or packet of 3 wings - Body and wings sold separate, this lure is not sold as a pre constructed combo, so you can choose whatever colour combo you desire – see our drop down option menu – near add to cart button for body options and wing options .  It’s really up to you what configuration you choose to purchase. And you can just purchase a pack of bodies only or wings only should you desire.. or want to mix and match a bit? Why not purchase 1 pack of bodies and a few different packs of wings?

Mikado Fishunter body  is approx 10.5cm in length and is finished off with a tail that incorporates 3 cut-out groves which provide the lure with an aggressive fish attracting tail action.

The wings are a 2 conjoined grub tail lures which when combined with the body create a profile and action that can only be described as going to be deadly on species here in Australia such as Barramundi, Snapper, Murray Cod and Mulloway amongst an array of other fish species.

Additionally the lures have been soaked in a very string shrimp scent that is long lasting for additional fish attraction.

Features and Specifications

  • Mikado Fishunter body (shad profile) Approx 10.5cm in length
  • Grooved tail for amazing tail action
  • Scented for extra fish attraction
  • Hole in centre of lure for adding optional wings (sold additionally refer to drop down order menu above add to cart button) Wing span size is approx 71mm
  • Mikado Flying Fishunter makes an amazing lure combo if you purchase both a pack of bodies and a pack of wings for attracting the likes of Barramundi, Snapper, Murray Cod, Mulloway, Kingfish, Salmon and a whole lot more.
  • Suitable for freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing.
  • Shad Qty Per Pack – 5pcs.
  • Wing Qty Per Pack – 3pcs.
  • Recommended Jig Head hook size: 2/0 – 3/0.

Notice: Price is for 1 packet only and bodies and wings are sold separate (they are not sold combined) therefore if you wish to have the body and wing combo please 1st select your body colour and add to cart and then select your wing colour and add to cart.  Price will vary depending on whether you select a body option or a wing option.


  • The Mikado Flying Fishunter Lure when combined with both body and wings, should you choose to purchase both will create a highly effective lure for a large array of freshwater and saltwater fish. Check out our video demo for the action the lure will produce.
  • Mikado Flying Fishunter lures are highly scented. You can feel the scent oil when you take the lures out from their packet. Another plus for fish attraction.
  • If you choose to purchase the set of wings they also double up as great grub-tail lures meaning that if you want you could actually split the conjoined grubs into 2 separate grubtail lures (or if one half of the wings has seen its fair share of fish and is worn out) and use them for a host of other species such as yellowbelly, redfin, flathead and more.  You don’t have to purchase a pack of Fishunter bodies either so you can just purchase wings from us if you wish should you like the look of them for targeting a favourite species in your area that would readily take a grub tail lure. Plus as they are quite affordable in a pack for 3 wings it will actually create 6 grub tail lures should you choose to separate them and use them as an alternative stand alone lure)

Mikado Flying Fishunter lures are an innovative idea unlike any other soft plastic fishing lure we have seen here in Australia to date. Purchase a pack of Fishunter bodies and a pack of wings and get set to catch a massive array of fish species with the amazing action this lure emits. Mikado Flying Fishunter, you know you want to give it a go… add some bodies and wings to your cart today.

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