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Maria Fully Loaded Stickbait Lure

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Product Description

Maria Fully Loaded Stick Bait Lures 140mm Floating Model – Stick baits For Kingfish, GT, Tuna and more.

For the uninitiated Stick baits often cause a little consternation. They float, they look like minnows but have no bibs, they’re hard, they’re often big lures, take some experience to work properly and can be phenomenally expensive.  For those in the know, all that matters is they take massive fish. And working them really becomes a lot easier if the angler knows what the stick bait is designed to emulate. A stick bait action is all about replicating an injured bait fish or bait fish in distress. This is one of the key features that see stick bait lures slammed so regularly because predatory fish, like lions and tigers for example, will go for the easy option. Prey in trouble, is always an easy option for getting a meal. Target the weakest, save energy and ensure a feed.

The 140mm Maria Fully Loaded Stickbaits are going to produce unrivalled action against our oceans most sought after sports predators. Your Maria stick bait lure will pit you against massive Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna, back breaking GT’s, Wahoo and the like. The northern anglers will also enjoy battling Queenfish of mammoth proportions.

Maria Fully Loaded Stickbaits look incredible when worked across the surface. Worked with a bubbling action, walking or diving action it will become immediately apparent to you why these little gems are so successful. With the right amount of rod action and appropriate retrieve and pause you will see your stick bait surface lure represent the distressed baitfish like no other. It really is quite amazing how accurate it is and a no brainer as to why big surface hunting predators take Maria fully loaded lures ruthlessly with aggressive strikes.  The 140mm floating Maria Fully Loaded Stickbaits are definitely more expensive than your average lure, granted. But when you’re hooked onto Yellowfin and GT’s over 30kg. You will forget the price. Just look at how much yellowfin tuna or bluefin goes for a kg! Catch one and your Investment paid for many times over. The Maria, it should be noted, is actually very affordable compared to other Stickbaits. They are hardwearing and robust so they will survive many big fish adventures. Grab a 140mm Maria Fully Loaded Stickbait and put it in your basket now.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: 140mm
  • Our Maria Stick Bait lures come fully rigged with hooks and split rings
  • Approx 43g
  • Floating Stickbait
  • Fitted with Owner ST-56 trebles
  • Tail down floating posture
  • Depth: Top water
  • Multiple swimming actions
  • Strong through- wire body and internal ribbing
  • Perfect for targeting Kingfish, Queenfish, Giant Trevally GT, Tuna and more.

Note: Images are for illustration only. Price is for 1 lure. Choose the colour of your choice when ordering.


  • The Maria see you attracting massive pelagic species. Forget the small fish and get set for some heart pumping fish action.
  • The multiple actions allows you to experiment and find the most enticing action for the target on the day.
  • The robust construction will help to see them stand up well against very large toothy predators like Spanish Mackerel.
  • Japanese engineering and priced to get everyone into Stickbait angling.

Taking extra-large pelagic species from the top water is the most spectacular fishing there is. Your 140mm Maria Fully Loaded Floating Stickbaits are your key to the best fishing experience you will ever have. For sale now.

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