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Lucky Craft Sammy 55 Lure

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Product Description

Luckycraft Sammy 55 lure (55mm) Surface lure for bream, bass and more.

Here is an awesome hard body fishing lure for all you anglers that move up and down the rivers and canals casting at the banks in summer. Luckycraft Sammy 55 is a devastating top water performer. The action is fantastic and all of those species that like to cram up on the shallows by the bank such as Bream and Whiting find the Sammy 55 irresistible. The Sammy is so easy to use you simply can’t get them wrong. So while they are a haul master for the experienced angler, they are nigh on perfect for introducing the kids to the art of casting top water lures.

The Luckycraft Sammy 55 has a very smooth “walk the dog” action but also mimics the water spitting qualities of a popper. They have a slightly upright floating position which means a tremendous amount of action can be generated over a short distance. That’s what makes them perfect for casting at the banks. Often the strike zone is relatively confined so the ability to have the Sammy up and walking very quickly is an excellent feature. The curve of the Sammy 55 lure controls the dive. This is also for casting at a tight concentration of targets because the landing is less likely to frighten the fish. Being slightly tail heavy, the rear trebles will sit down a little ensuring better hook ups.

The Luckycraft Sammy 55 fishing lure is a very impressive surface lure. The fish will find it highly attractive, and with impeccable casting manners, the angler will love throwing it at all of our common inshore species. They are a little pricier than your average lure but they are by no means and average lure. As your keeper net fills, you’ll forget the price pretty quickly and be back to fill your trolley with a new assortment of colours.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 55mm
  • Weight: 4 grams approx
  • Type: Topwater, Floating
  • Hooks: Gamakatsu trebles
  • Hooks and rings supplied (all lures are rigged ready to tie onto line)
  • Excellent casting manners
  • Internal glass rattles
  • Ideal for fishing in rivers and lakes, dams and impoundments for a range of freshwater and saltwater fish species. Some of these species include Perch, Australian Bass, Whiting, Bream and more.

Notice: Price is for 1 lure only. Images for illustration purpose. Choose colour required when ordering. Model is Sammy 55 (you do NOT get 55 lures for the displayed price)


  • The brilliant casting manners allows you to be very accurate and long. This is great for honing in on a tight bank or cluster of snags.
  • The Gamakatsu hooks are incredibly sharp. Excellent penetration means strikes turn to victories.
  • The action is so pronounced and so easy to achieve it makes a wonderful lure for newbies to cut their teeth on top water kit.
  • The internal glass rattles are the proverbial, “calling all cars” for the fish. They will come from everywhere.

The Luckycraft Sammy 55 lure is a little more expensive than other but unashamedly so as it truly is top shelf kit. The build quality is outstanding and its fish catching prowess is second to none. Stock up and hit the top water this summer with the selection of Luckycraft Sammy 55 lures.

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