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Live Target Shrimps - Soft Plastic Prawns

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Product Description

Live Target Shrimp (75mm - Pack of 4 lures)

The live target shrimp or prawn for we Aussies is a fabulous looking lure. In fact remove the hook and it would take a very keen eye to spot the difference between the lure and the real thing. The 75mm Live Target Shrimp fishing lures all come pre rigged and ready to go in a pack of 4. It looks incredibly real, the action is amazingly life like and the rattle chamber is specifically designed to mimic the “ticking” sound shrimp make when moving. If visuals are not enough, the Live Target Shrimp is also infused with an irresistible shrimp scent, totally deadly for prawn loving species.

When it comes to species, there are few fish worth mentioning that aren’t completely taken with the prawn. The prawn has to be the most versatile bait used in Australia. From King George Whiting, flathead, trevally, snapper to Yellow Tail Kingfish, they’ll all take a prawn with relish. It’s time to forgo the mess and smell of the real thing and graduate to the Live Target Shrimp. You will find it just as irresistible as the fish.

At a quarter ounce the Live Target Shrimp sinks perfectly, putting your bait in the strike zone quickly, ready to be worked.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: 75mm
  • Weight: ¼ ounce a piece
  • Convenient pack of 4 live target shrimps
  • Infused with a real shrimp scent
  • Precision adjustable weighting system
  • Great for fishing in rivers, lakes, inlets and shallow offshore reefs.


  • Outstanding life like prawn action makes the live target shrimp lure totally irresistible.
  • The Live Target Shrimp comes pre rigged and ready to go.
  • Adjustable weighting allows for fine tuning to get your bait in the strike zone and behaving exactly as you intend.
  • Shrimp scent infused ensuring timid enquiries turn into strikes.
  • Priced accessibly so you can purchase a selection without hurting the wallet.
  • There are so many pretenders on the market but the Live Target Shrimp will blast them away with outstanding looks, flexibility and swimming properties.

With prawns being such a significant part of many fish diets it’s clearly a no brainer that the Live Target Shrimp lures should be included in the top tray of your fishing tackle box. Grab yourself a couple of packets now and be blown away by the fish attracting qualities of this life-like prawn lure. The Live Target Shrimp will quickly become a favourite of yours and the fish your target.

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