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Kookaburra Rubber Mallet & Tent Peg Remover Kit

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Product Description

Kookaburra Rubber mallet and tent peg remover kit

You’ve arrived at your camp site, your happy it hasn’t rained for ages and not likely to. The tent is out and your about to peg up and you realise the ground is a touch harder than concrete. You break a thong, gouge a chunk out of the soul of your foot and that’s just the first peg, 20 more to go. 5 stitches, a litre of blood, only one thong left and the tents still not up. It’s then the wise one of the family says, “Should have brought a hammer.” This is not a new scenario by any means and likely to be played out again and again UNLESS; you purchase the Kookaburra Rubber mallet and tent peg remover kit and keep it with your tent at all times.

Talk about making life easy. The Kookaburra Rubber mallet and tent peg remover kit makes tent pitching and pulling pegs out faster and safer. There is far less physical strain. Using your feet or a rock as a makeshift hammer will be a thing of the past and you won’t be forced to have a conference to work out how to remove that final peg that refuses to budge. Both tools are ergonomically designed with rubber gripped handles for excellent purchase.

Don’t be the campers wandering around the camp ground asking for hammers or the campers forced to remove the final pegs using a tow rope and a car. There is an easier way and it’s very simple, very convenient kit. It’s the Kookaburra Rubber mallet and tent peg remover kit. First time you use it you will look back at all the times you pitched your tent and bugged out without it and wonder why on earth you haven’t purchased such an essential piece of kit years ago. It’s for sale now and very affordable. Put it in your trolley now.

Features and Specifications

  • Rubber mallet 230g with grip
  • Metal tent peg remover with rubber handle
  • Suitable for most tent pegs


  • The Mallet is brilliant for getting tent pegs into tough turf.
  • The peg remover makes pulling out tent pegs easier and removing pegs from tough turf is a breeze with the peg remover.
  • Ergonomic design ensures each tool is easy to use and very safe.
  • Weighing in at around 401 grams together, this kit is no load to carry and may even fit straight into your tent bag.
  • Brute strength and effort will be a thing of the past. Now everyone in the family will be able to deal with the pegs easily.

In all honesty you can’t leave on your next camping adventure until you have purchased the Kookaburra Rubber mallet and tent peg remover kit. You’re here now, on site with fishingtackleshop.com.au and the process is so easy and fast. Put one in your basket now and get a kit for your camping buddies too.

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