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Kokoda Bugger Chug Lure

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Product Description

Kokoda Bugger Chug Lure

If targeting great Aussie freshwater fish species, like Australian Bas and using top water lures is your thing then you better take a look at the Kokoda Bugger Chug fishing lure. If you’re not familiar with the joy of seeing a Bass hitting a lure well worked across the surface then it’s time you had a go. So take a look at the Bugger Chug, it’s a freaky sort of frog like bug thing that whilst looking like an unfortunate mutant sends fish crazy and draws them in from quite a significant distance.

Your Kokoda Bugger Chug lure is not going to win any beauty contests but if you’ve done some observations of your local Bass haunt and found they’re taking cicadas, and frogs etc. from the surface, you must employ a Bugger Chug. The commotion this kokoda lure causes on the water is priceless. The side to side action creates quite a water disturbance and the noise they make can be heard from over 30ft away. Drawing predators from this sort of distance is big news. You effectively grow your target zone by a radius of 30 feet from where you lure lands. This is great coverage, and coupled with its fantastic casting manners, gives you incredible reach.

The Bugger Chug lure can be used all year round but will be a standout performer come the summer time when the frogs, cicadas and even mice are more active. You will also find that this little treasure will work nicely in the evenings. The noise really is irresistible to such predators as Bass and Perch. If you’re heading north, this would also be a nice lure to throw at Jacks. The Mangrove Jack is very fond of the Summer time cicada flailing on the surface. The Bugger chug will suit most of our favourites in the fresh but will also work in salt come summer. Grab a couple now and hit the top water with a Kokoda Bugger Chug, for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: approx 4.5gm
  • Size: approx 4.5cm
  • Excellent casting qualities
  • Top water lure
  • Can be heard from over 30ft away
  • Mimics Cicadas, Frogs and mice
  • Suitable for targeting, Australian Bass, Bream, Perch such as yellowbelly, small murray cod, mangrove jack, Saratoga, sooty grunter and more.

Note: Images are for illustration only – price is for 1 lure. Simply choose which colour you prefer when ordering.


  • Brilliant for when the Cicadas are active when the summer hits as this lure offers a perfect imitation but also mimics all sort of critters that find themselves, intentionally or otherwise, splashing across the surface of the water which makes up food source for target species.
  • Creates an incredible commotion on the top water with a noise that can be heard from more than 30ft away.
  • It casts like a bullet on light line classes. You will get significant accuracy and distance using light gear.

The Kokoda Bugger Chug fishing lure is a cutting edge creation designed to get the most out of the top water. The fabulous colour, noise and water displacement will make them a very attractive target for the fish you are targeting. Purchase one today here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

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