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Jarvis Walker Boat Motor Flusher

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Product Description

Jarvis Walker Motor Flushers For Sale

The Jarvis Walker Motor Flushers come in 3 models to choose between when ordering from us here at fishing tackle shop that will cover the fit to your outboard. There is a small, large and dual flush model, all made of durable materials that will see your outboard live for many years. If you don’t have a motor flusher or, “bunny ears”, as they are known, you are doing your motor, and eventually your wallet, significant damage.

Jarvis Walker Motor Flushers are designed to flush away sand, mud, salt and other impurities from your motors cooling system. This process should be undertaken after every venture out on the water. Without flushing 2 main problems arise and they are both very bad. Firstly, your cooling system can become clogged, and quickly. If you don’t realise this in time you are likely to overheat whilst out on the water. At best you break down. At worst, and very likely, you cook your motor and destroy it and even risk life and limb breaking down in an isolated location in bad weather.

Secondly, you decrease the life of your motor and increase the frequency and cost of repair and maintenance. This is crazy, when a product costs very little and 15 minutes of your time is all that is required to avoid the issues mentioned. Of course, the benefits are not refined to post outing flushing. The Jarvis Walker Motor Flushers allow you to test your motor at home before you head out as well as do fine tuning and maintenance at home. Owning a set of Jarvis Walker Motor Flushers is a no brainer. Outboard engines are incredibly expensive. This simple tool will help ensure it lasts and runs smoothly. Accessibly priced and definitely essential kit.

Features and Specifications

  • Sizes:  When ordering choose either Small, Large or dual flush.
  • Price is for 1 only  and varies depending on which model you select.
  • Sturdy, reliable hose connections
  • Excellent seal ensuring more water goes in the intake and not out the sides
  • Constructed from durable materials and able to withstand frequent use, wear and tear
  • Dual flush takes water through both intakes


  • Allows you to flush your motor of salt, sand and mud after every use. This is an essential practice and will increase the life of your motor significantly and save you plenty o service and repair costs.
  • The dual flush model takes water through both intakes ensuring a more complete flushing
  • Allows boaties to test their motors at home to assess running condition before they hit the big blue.
  • Allows boaties to fine tune, service and work on their motors at home saving time and money.

Jarvis Walker Motor Flushers are essential kit. If you don’t have one, you are hurting your motor and that will hurt you plenty in the long run. A good set of motor flushers is critical. Get your Jarvis Walker Motor Flushers and treat your beloved outboard with a little TLC. For sale now.

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