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Glow Bait Fish Attractant 50ml

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Product Description

Glow Bait Fish Attractant

When a formula for a fish attractant has remained unchanged since it was first conceived, it tells you one thing, the manufacturers got it right from the outset. Glow Bait Fish attractant has been used by game anglers, blue water and land based, since it hit the market back in the mid 80’s. The fact that it is 100% Australian made certainly has something to do with its popularity. The fact that it significantly increases strike rates is the main attraction however. It could be made on mars and cost a bomb, but it is so effective, big fish anglers would buy it anyway.

Available in 50ml bottles, a small amount applied to a live or dead whole flesh bait makes it glow green. A glowing bait fish, such as Yakka or Slimy, stands out a mile, particularly as the formula is scented as well. When you cast a live Yakka glowing with Glow Bait into a school of its contemporaries, it like painting a target on its back. Fish will bypass the entire school, to chow down on the glowing one.

You invest a lot of time and money when you chase big fish like Spaniards, Yellowtail Kingfish and Mulloway. Give yourself a leg up to increase your strike chances significantly and purchase a few bottles of Glow Bait Fish attractant for sale now. Thousands of Aussie big fish anglers can’t be wrong. They don’t apply it for the fun of it, they apply it because it works, and works brilliantly.

Features and Specifications

  • 100% Aussie made product
  • Unchanged formula since is design in the mid 80’s
  • Available in 50ml bottles
  • Perfect for large predatory fish
  • Glows green
  • Designed to be applied to live and dead flesh baits


  • When applied to a live Yakka or Slimy, your bait will stand out in the school making it the prime target for any predator.
  • It’s design for large predatory fish makes it the perfect attractant for blue water game anglers and land based game anglers.
  • Concentrated formula allows a little bit to go a long away.
  • Increases you baits Visability to predators, resulting in increased hook-ups.
  • Provides an irresistible visual attractant and is scented to ensure for even greater attraction.
  • Buying Aussie made keeps your fishing dollar here in Australia, where it should be.

When you’re fishing live baits, your intention is to catch big fish. Glow Bait Fish attractant has been the first choice of land based and blue water game anglers for decades. The results, and Glow Baits loyal following speak plenty for the performance and outcomes of this essential fish attractant.

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