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Fin-nor Primal Reel

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Product Description

Fin-Nor Primal Reels

For the angler that thinks outside the square there is tremendous value to be had when you look beyond the most famous and recognisable fishing brand names. The Fin-Nor Primal Reel for sale now offers spectacular features and amazing performance for at a price the Louis Viton fishing equivalents could never match.

The Primal Overhead Fishing Reel series Is an overhead built for braid and built for tackling blue water monsters. Trolling, Jigging or bouncing the bottom, whatever your blue water application, you can expect a premium performance without the premium price tag. All that is left is for you do decide which size and speed you require (We sell high speed reels for higher speed retrieves or a lower standard speed for those that want to crank and fish hard) There are a couple of awesome features however that both the high and low speed models share.

The Fin-Nor Primal reel size is amazingly small and the weight astonishingly low for a blue water fishing reel. There is no need to use huge, chunky, back breaking reels to jig or troll for blue water pelagic species. The Primal sits in the palm of your hand, and unless you were told, you would never guess that it packs a whopping 30 pounds of Carbon Fibre drag. Coupled with a very generous line capacity you can hit the ocean for the likes of Yellow Tail King Fish, Cobia, Dolphin Fish and even GT’s.

Strong and rigid, the small overhead packs one heck of a punch. There are 6 stainless shielded bearings to keep things super smooth and durable. The Megashield Multilayer Corrosion Protection also protects your investment ensuring you enjoy countless session with your Primal.

It’s not too much larger than your average round profile baitcaster but capable of being spooled with up to 400 yards of 50-pound braid the sky’s the limit. The Fin-Nor Primal Reels for sale now is where little kit meets big power and big fish. Grab yours now.


Features and Specifications

ModelBraid Line CapacityGear RatioApprox Weight
10HS High Speed 415yd/30lb 7.3:1 388 grams
12HS High Speed 440yd/50lb 7.3:1 400 grams
10LS Standard Speed 415yd/30lb 5.8:1 388 grams
12LS Standard Speed 440yd/50lb 5.8:1 400 grams
  • Bearings: 6+1 Ball bearing system – shielded stainless
  • Drag System – Carbon Fibre
  • Fin-Nor Megashield protection to reduce corrosion risk
  • Perfectly suited for use with braided fishing lines
  • Light weight small size profile overhead reel
  • Max Drag: 30lb
  • Aluminium Super Tuned Spool
  • Great for boat fishing offshore

Note: Images for illustration only. Price is for one reel only. Choose which model you require when ordering.

Fin-Nor Primal Buyers Guide

Primal reels are suitable for boat fishing offshore. Whether it be for trolling, jigging lures or just bottom bashing for reef fish Primal reels are a smaller size reel than most traditional overheads for offshore fishing but they are suitable and have a decent capacity for heavy braided lines up to 50lb in class.

You will note that we have a few models available to choose from for sale here at Fishing Tackle Shop and you are probably wondering what the difference is? Basically, it boils down to two choices. The first choice is size. We have either size 10 which is the smaller of the sizes and best suits up to 30lb braided line or size 12 which is the larger of the 2 sizes and will be fine for up to 50lb braid.

Your next choice will be determined on what speed you wish to purchase. The high-speed version or the low speed version.  High speed models will be ideal for fast jigging and spin. But the lower gear ratio model will be ideal for some serious cranking power ideal for those who like to fish deep.

For rod choice being overhead style reels means you will need to use Fin-Nor primal reels with an overhead style fishing rod. We have many for sale here at Fishing Tackle Shop. Look for a rod that will comfortably fish the line class you are fishing. Should you need further assistance on picking a rod for a Fin-Nor primal reel just get in touch with us and we will provide some further recommendations.


  • The lightweight feel and diminutive size put a whole new spin on fishing light for BIG fish. This is a serious pelagic powerhouse that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • 6 double shielded stainless ball bearing not only provide a silky smooth, consistent crank but also ensures your Primal endures the toughest of offshore conditions.
  • The Megalock Anti reverse comes into its own when jigging. Strike with total confidence knowing your reel is primed for assisting to set the hooks securely.
  • The high-speed gear ratio model (should you choose to purchase that particular model) allows you to pack on the line fast. A very useful feature when fishing deep. The low speed model is perfect for cranking when the weight is on.
  • Designed for use with braid, the Super Tuned Spool offers outstanding line management that contributed to the ‘smooth’, slick feel regardless of the style of fishing you employ
  • 30 pounds of carbon fibre drag provides super confidence when you hook into the likes of GT’s who are always unwilling to turn toward the boat

Fin-Nor Primal Reels take the bulk out of jigging big. Experience the hunt for pelagic species and big reef dwellers with a reel that feels like an inshore reel with the serious power you need for tackling the blue water.

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