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Ecooda Mini Crank Fishing Lure

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Product Description

Ecooda Mini Crank Fishing Lures - Great for bream, bass and more in rivers, lakes etc.

If you’ve never cranked before, now is the time to get started because the Ecooda Mini Crank Fishing Lures will see you enjoy a veritable fishing bonanza. Regular crank anglers will need to use all of their power of resistance not to pop them in their own mouths. They look incredible. The detail in design makes them look incredibly realistic as well as like a genuine work of art. It’s important to note that tournament anglers, those with a heck of a lot riding on their catch, are choosing to shoot with the Ecooda Mini Crank Fishing Lures. What’s more they’re making an impact on the podium as well. Take a leaf from the book of the pros, if it’s become a go to lure for these guys, it’s probably a lure you should have a selection of in your tackle box.

Speaking of selection, you’ll be more than happy with the designs and the two depth models to choose from when you make your order (price is for 1 lure only) that are created for swimming at different depths. The ‘Shallow‘ dives from 1 to 3 feet and the ‘Deep’ dives from 3 to 6 feet. This gives you a fair coverage of the water column and allows you to refine your rig to conditions. At approx 4 grams each they cast brilliantly on light gear. The supplied trebles are incredibly sharp meaning just about any enquiry, however speculative, will often turn into a hook up. Keeping them hooked is, for the most part, up to you. But so enticing are these little geniuses the fish is unlikely to want to give it up easily.

The Ecooda mini Crank floats, giving you plenty of manoeuvrability around the snags. And the snags are where you will be hunting. You will be casting at racks, pylons, rock shelves and submerged tree limbs in the salt and fresh, hunting monster versions of Bream and Bass. The Ecooda Mini Crank Fishing Lures are nothing short of fantastic. There a sure fire way to see you live tanks full after a thrill a minute session. Get your now and make sure you put a selection in your basket if your wallet allows.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 38mm
  • Weight: approx 4g
  • Type: Floating Crank
  • Depths: Mini Crank 38 S (shallow), 1-3ft; Mini Crank 38 M (Deep), 3-6ft


  • Detailed design makes them appear more lifelike therefore enticing more fish.
  • While only 4 grams, the Mini Crank can cast a mile on light gear.
  • The 38mm size makes them the perfect mouthful for many species.
  • While perfect for Bream and Bass, flathead and more. Many species will find the mini crank irresistible.

Just by looking at the detail in design you can tell that serious thought has gone into the creation of the Ecooda Mini Crank Fishing Lures. The pros can’t get enough of them such is there incredible performance when the pressure is on. Fish like a pro and put some Ecooda Mini Crank Fishing Lures in your shopping basket.

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