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Daiwa TD Sol II 2004 Fishing Reel TDS 2004

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Product Description

Daiwa TD Sol II 2004 - Fishing Reel TDS2004

Daiwa has had a history of being at the forefront of innovation, back in 2010, Daiwa pioneered the ground breaking technology- Magseal, Zaion and Air Rotor, a combination that is now the future for all Daiwa spinning reels. Originally introduced on Daiwa’s flagship reels it was only a matter of time before it was introduced it into Australia’s most popular spinning reel, the TD Sol.

The TD Sol II has been in development for the past two years, TD Sol II shows Daiwa’s commitment in producing mid-price reels with its top of the line design innovations.

The new TD Sol II introduces Daiwa’s latest innovations and designs, the combination of Magseal, Zaion Air Rotor and Super Metal making it one of our most technically advanced and affordable reels available today!

With the Daiwa TD Sol II you will feel more connected to your lures, detect the slightest of bites, fight and land fish with ease and confidence…. Daiwa’s real world design and new world technology have developed the “Technology to Feel”.

The Daiwa TD Sol II 2004 fishing reel is suitable for light estuary and freshwater fishing for species such as bream, whiting, bass, trout and redfin and is suitable to use with rods ranging from 1.5m to 2.2m in length.

ModelGear Ratio Line RetrieveBearingsWt. (g)Drag (kg)Capacity
TDS 2004 4.8 (63cm) 8 + 1 240g 2 3lb/140m, 4lb/100m,
PE 0.4/120m,PE0.6/100m
TDS2508 4.8 (71cm) 8 + 1 260g 7 6lb/190m, 8lb/150m
PE 1/200m, PE 1.5/150m
TDS3000H 6.2 (105cm) 8 + 1 290g 7 12lb/200m,16lb/150m
PE1.2/350m, PE 2/250m
TDS4000H 6.2 (109cm) 8 + 1 400g 8 16lb/250m, 20lb/200m
PE 2.5/300m, PE 3/250m



Features and benefits of the Daiwa TD Sol II Fishing Reel

Real Four – When Daiwa develops new innovative fishing reels in the high-end market segment Daiwa fishing reels established a list of four quality attributes creating the basis for Daiwa’s “Real Four feature” (Real engine, quality gearing components - real endurance - real control - real custom) you know you can benefit from a Daiwa reel for fishing reel which has quality components and engineering ensuring you have a fishing reel that is going to last years.

Magseal - Once saltwater penetrates a reel it dries, crystallizes, then slowly erodes gears and bearings. Reels in the past had waterproof gaskets and ‘o-rings’ while preventing water intrusion, there biggest disadvantage was the produced friction and impeded winding inertia. Daiwa in order to increase the durability, had to design and produce a waterproof structure as its 1st priority. Years of research and development, Daiwa’s solution – a membrane of magnetic oil that physically shuts out saltwater

Zaion - It is a fact, that the Rotary performance of a fishing reel comes from the rigidity of its body. Daiwa fishing reels have swapped traditionally used materials into Zaion, which is a super strong material full of densely packed carbon fibres. Daiwa’s Zaion is new technology material which exceeds magnesium rigidity and lightness delivering a fishing reel that transmits feel.

Digigear II Can be found in the Daiwa TD Sol II fishing reel A Digital gear design ensuring a perfect mesh ultra-tough, surface treated alloy drive gear and marine bronze pinion gear for optimal speed performance, strength and power.

Air Rotor – Daiwa TD Sol II fishing reels feature Daiwa's exclusive air rotor design. The air rotor balances stress more evenly throughout the rotor ensuring high stress points are eliminated and the weight of excess material is therefore not required for extra strength this results in a strong light weight and corrosion proof fishing reel rotor plus the reduced weight allows you to have a fishing reel with increased sensitivity.

ABS II – Daiwa TD Sol II fishing reels feature ABSII which stands for anti-backlash system. A unique reverse taper design which assists in alleviating line tangle and can provide longer casting capability along with an oversized design helps provide higher winding speed and increases drag performance.

Twistbuster II – TD Sol II fishing reels feature Daiwa's twist buster. A highly advanced technology which is designed to alleviate line twist powered by corrosion resistant ball bearing Daiwa's twist Buster line roller reduces fishing line twist and minimises friction between your fishing line and the roller.

Airbail – is an innovative bail arm design boasting a hollow and tubular stainless steel bail which provides excellent and maximum rigidity provides very high-strength and all with minimal weight. Along with the smooth and protrusion free design Daiwa's air bail provides excellent capability when even loose line after a cast will slide easily down the bail onto the line roller without snagging up.

Waterproof UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag - Daiwa’s exclusive new ultimate drag system combines ultra smooth low inertia with ultimate fish stopping power.

Real Stopper - Infinite Anti Reverse - Limits rearward backplay handle movement to almost zero for solid hooksets with less shock to the fishing reel. No handle slap-back on hooksets and no release of slack line.

Tight Silent Oscillation - By combining Digigear drive with dampening washes, this means this fishing reel is virtually noise free.

Note: TD Sol Type II –buyers please take note that the handle cap is a left hand thread.

Welcome to the future the Daiwa TD Sol II Tomorrows reel today.

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