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Daiwa Saltiga 12 Braid (12 Ply)

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Product Description

Daiwa Saltiga 12 Braid (12 ply fishing braid line)

You can be certain that if something is wearing the Saltiga badge it’s going to be a pretty special product. Daiwa have introduced what is touted as the most technologically advanced fishing line ever. Daiwa Saltiga 12 is, as the name suggests, the world’s first 12 ply braid.

Obviously, you are going to pay a little more for cutting edge technology. Advances have been made across the board with Saltiga 12. Abrasion resistance is astonishing. Daiwa’s UVF (Ultra Volume Fibre) and +Si Evo Silicone amount to an increase of abrasion resistance by more than 70%. There’s 20% more strength and they have increased the slipperiness a further 18%, making for outstanding friction reduction. Critical when tackling the blue waters biggest. Line stretch has been reduced by 30%. You feel everything.

Diameters have been reduced, further enhancing noise reduction and casting qualities, while water penetration is also kept at bay. The line is colour coded at intervals to ensure you know exactly where you are in the water.

All of these qualities add up to high end performance while the outstanding durability takes much of the sting from the top end price tag.

Daiwa Saltiga 12 Braid for sale now, is unashamedly marked at the top end pros, looking to fish with the best technology has to offer. It is also suitable for the angler that demands peak performance from all their equipment, the angler that prefers to fish with the best, in preference to a strict budget. Spool up now and feel the prestige of Saltiga 12 braid fishing line.

Features and Specifications


SALTIGA 12 Braid

200m PE 0.8 7.3kg/16lb
200m PE 1 10.2kg/22lb
200m PE 1.2 12.2kg/27lb
200m PE 1.5/14kg/31lb
200m PE 2/16.2kg/36lb
200m PE 2.5/ 22kg/44lb
200 or 300m PE 3/ 24.8kg/55lb
300m PE 4/ 30.7kg/68lb
300m PE 5/39.7kg/88lb
300 or 400m PE 6 45.3kg/100lb
300 or 400m PE 8 53kg/118lb
300m PE 10/59.1kg/130lb
  • UVF (Ultra Volume Fibre)
  • +Si Evo Silicone
  • 12 ply
  • Color-coded every 10 meters and marked every 1 and 5 meters

Note: Price is for 1 spool only and varies depending on which size class / spool size you choose. Select an option from our order menu at step 1 to view its price.


  • 12 Ply braid is thinner and smoother meaning your casts are going to go that extra distance.
  • Colour coded so you know how much line you have dropped down the water column. Handy in conjunction with a fish finder so you can get down to the right depth.
  • Hard wearing and super high abrasion resistance. Perfect for when you are in contact with some rough fishing grounds.

Daiwa Saltiga 12 Braid represents the best, most innovative fishing line technology on the market. It’s wearing the Saltiga badge, so you can rest assured that it will live up to all its claims and then some.

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