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Daiwa Certate Reels (Small Sizes)

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Product Description

New Daiwa Certate Reel - Small Size Models (2016 Release versions)

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If the marketing hype is anything to go by, and with Daiwa it usually is, you can expect one hell of a reel in the new Diawa Certate. With the original Certate hitting the shelves back in 2004, the current model represents over 12 years of innovation, building on the principals that made the Certate such a ground breaking release. Of course, it is a very popular choice with the more discerning angler who demands the absolute best in reel performance.

The first thing you will notice about the new model is the stylish cosmetic makeover. With only subtle colour changes and a brand new porting design, the new look will no doubt attract attention. When you hold the new Certate in your hand, its solid feel will have you hooked. Daiwa claim the new Certate to be, “…the smoothest, most powerful reel Daiwa has ever released.” Digi Gear II has been revamped along with the silent oscillation system. Of course, the Certate is sealed to within an inch of its life with Magseal technology, making it one of the most durable high tech reels on the market today. The list of impressive inclusion outlined below is comprehensive to say the least.

The Certate small sizes for sale listed below cover every style of inshore angling but will, of course, appeal directly to the lure angler. The 1003, 2004 and 2506 are finesse models, perfectly suited for hitting the fresh chasing Trout and Bass. They are also ideal for all of your finesse style lure work in the salt. They’re a special for the Bream enthusiast fishing ultra-light with soft plastics, cranks, vibes and the like. You’ll see many a tournament pro with a Certate in their hands. Refining your reel choice from these 3 models will be determined by line class.

The 2500, 2508PE and 2510RPE-H, cover all other inshore spin applications providing 7kg of ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) for serious pulling power. Again, reel the selection is about matching kit tightly to application. Line class will drive your choice with the added option of going high speed with the 2510RPE-H.

To say the Daiwa Certate Reel is top shelf is somewhat of an understatement. It’s the best fishing has to offer. Bursting with Daiwa’s flagship technology, it is the pinnacle of their spin reel design and engineering.


Features and Specifications

ModelGear RatioBearingsWeight approxMax DragLine Capacity (braid) - Spool Capacity
1003 4.8 (60cm) 10 + 1 205gm 2kg PE 0.3 (approx 3lb)/120m or PE0.4 (approx 4lb)/100m
2004 4.8 (64cm) 10 + 1 230gm 2kg PE0.4 (approx 4lb)/120m or 0.6(approx 6lb)/100m
2500 4.8 (72cm) 10 + 1 240gm 7kg PE 1(approx 10lb)/280m or 1.5 (approx 15lb)/200m
2506 4.8 (72cm) 10 + 1 240gm 3kg PE 0.8(approx 8lb)/130m or PE1(approx 10lb)/100m
2508PE 4.8 (72cm) 10 + 1 245gm 7kg PE 0.8 (approx 8lb)/150m or PE 1(approx 10lb)/120m
2510RPE-H 5.6 (84cm) 10 + 1 255gm 7kg PE 1(approx 10lb)/200m or 1.5(approx 15lb)/150m
  • Mag Seal
  • Mag Sealed Line Roller
  • Magseal Bearings
  • Airbail (one piece construction)
  • ABS II
  • Zaion Air Rotor
  • Rotor Brake
  • Silent Oscillation
  • Real Stopper
  • Aluminium machine cut handle
  • ATD – Automatic Tournament Drag

Note: Images are for illustration only – slight differences may occur between models. Price is only for 1 reel. Choose the size you require when ordering.

Fishing Application and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

The key to rod selection with the Certate is matching a rod of the same pedigree as the reel. Select a rod as light as possible as per line class mentioned in the chart above. Rod lengths from 1.5 to 2.2 meters will create the perfect balance. You will be chasing every species represented in the inshore grounds from the fresh to the salt. From Bass to Trout and Barra and Bream to Flathead, Whiting, Perch and others. If you need assistance in picking a suitable rod just reach out to us and we will gladly assist.



  • Not only does Mag Seal protect your high tech investment making it incredibly durable, it enhances performance and feel by radically reducing friction
  • ATD is designed to take the initial shock from the strike. Therefore mitigating against bust up from the strike. It is the ultimate in smooth drag performance.
  • It’s Digigear II, 10 bearings and the silent oscillation system that give the Daiwa Certate Reel its incredible feel. So tight, so strong, providing your senses with amazing connection to the business end of your rig, the bait/lure.

It doesn’t get better than Daiwa Certate fishing reel. Yes, the price represents the pedigree of this high performance model but after your first look, first feel, first cast, you’ll forget the price tag. Daiwa Certate, the ultimate spin reel.

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